Monday, October 18, 2010

Moving America Forward, But Where? Columbus, Ohio 10/17/10

(Columbus, Ohio AGC ... News) I attended or rather, I infiltrated the recent Moving America Forward Rally in Columbus yesterday, here is my report.

How ironic and how thoroughly idiotic “Moving America Forward” is as a theme for the Democratic Party of the current President. “Moving America Forward” to where is my question. If it is on the path toward European Socialism as the Democratic President and Congress has pursued the last 20 months, or so, it is indeed the absolute wrong direction. That forward movement or revolution must by all means be stopped on November 2, 2010!

There were a lot of people on the South Oval of the Ohio State University campus Sunday afternoon and evening in Columbus, Ohio. I traveled to Columbus with the idea of joining the protesters. I arrived around 4:00 PM and did not hook up with the protesters, but instead stood in the line with those who wanted to see the President and local politicians. The President and his wife were the featured attraction. The lines were long waiting to enter the South Oval grounds. I guess for one hour that evening the President would make the South Oval his office.

Around 5 or 5:30 PM the line started moving. A lot of the crowd was young people, college students I suppose. One student was reading a class assignment that stood in line behind me. The Chinese student just in front of me was trying to make contact with his girlfriend on his cell phone.She apparently was supposed to meet up with him in line. Everyone standing in line received an orange ticket, which was the admission. They asked people to complete some demographic information along with asking for a commitment to do some volunteer work for the “campaign” to help re-elect Democrats.

I came earlier enough to get close to the front to see the side of the stage. I was perched between the branches of a tree. I was tall enough to see between the leaves and over the heads of early comers in front of me. The pictures below are of Secret Service and police dogs positioned just behind the stage where the President appeared later.

This was the first campaign appearance by Mrs. Soetoro/Obama since 2008 and it was the largest crowd that the President had spoken to since his campaign.

The highlight for me is as we were getting close to the main entrance to the South Oval we were greeted by Pro-Life people holding large signs associating the President’s Pro-Death, Pro-Abortion positions with the products of Abortion – dismembered human babies. I heard one mother in line behind me tell her daughter, “Don’t look at the pictures,” when her little girl mentioned the pictures. I was thankful that some truth would be present this evening among all the falsehoods to come.

President's Choice: Murdering Babies in Mother's Womb

The mayor of Columbus, a large group of drummers and cymbal players from Central State University entertained the audience. There were several people who collapsed due to lack of water or heat exhaustion due to the weather and not Mr. Soetoro/Obama this time! Volunteers in red shirts (appropriate) passed out water to the thirsty masses. This held up the festivities. There was a long delay at the hour mark and that was my cue to leave. I fought my way like a halfback at the OSU horseshoe through the wall-to-wall people. An hour later I found my car.

I was not disappointed that I did not hear what the first couple had to say, because I am not interested in lies and empty rhetoric. Apparently the first couple continues to charm a certain percentage of the population. For most Americans, however, this controversial and increasingly unpopular President’s days are numbered and his influence is waning. Could this celebratory gathering be among his last? For a change, I hope so.

I wondered who paid for all the security and if they ever permitted a conservative meeting on campus to the degree they did for the Democrats Sunday night. There was a strong union presence, along with die-hard Democratic supporters. Did the Democrats have to pay for the security or clean up? Or was it a given that the President’s presence was justification that anything goes and taxpayer pays? Something just didn’t sit right. Although this was a public event, it was a very partisan affair from Soetoro/Obama posters, buttons and tee-shirts being sold Come to think of it I did not see any TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Shirts or paraphernalia, though.

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  1. Shouldn't call him "The President" but "the alleged President".