Friday, October 01, 2010

Medal of Honor Family Dissed by White House

Vernon Baker of St. Maries, Idaho is seen in a March 1, 2005 file photo. Baker, the last living black soldier who belatedly received the Medal of Honor for his role in World War II,died at his home near St. Maries, Idaho Tuesday, July 13, 2010. The White House is apologizing for turning the family of the Medal of Honor recipient away from a tour on Saturday, Sept. 25, 2010, because the late veteran's10-year-old grandson was wearing shorts. (AP Photo/The Spokesman-Review, Jesse Tinsley, File)

I came across this article in a link O found on Twitter ... It is another tale of the shameful actions of the Administration led by our controversial and increasingly unpopular President.

"The family of Vern Baker, Medal of Honor recipient was turned away from the White House over a fashion faux pas. According to, the 10-year-old grandson of Baker's widow violated an imaginary dress code by wearing a t-shirt with his grandfather's photo on it and shorts.

"Just be clear, JayZ was welcomed into the White house and photographed in the Situation Room. Union thug, Andy Stern is always welcome. And George Soros is allowed entry."

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