Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Taxes

I got this from a friend:

The following is for members in the United States: a vigilant participant sent the following which I think we need to know about in light of preservation of our freedoms. Pass this along and also to your state senator and representative and US Congressman and Senators and tell them what you want them to do. Then say you will be watching to see how they voted. Remember, a fax or phone call counts MUCH more than an email – if they get read at all. Make sure it comes from YOU – without any reference to our organization as this will give more impact. 

I have gone into THOMAS (Library of Congress) and printed out and read all 15 pages of this bill which has been given the "Short Title" of "Debt Free America Act." [one has to marvel as the marketing ploy used here – there is nothing free about the bill – for America]. 

It is the most socialistic thing I have ever read. Just think, if you deposit $5,000.00 into yourchecking account or savings account the bank has to take out 1% or $50.00 of that money and send it to Washington. Then, any checks or cash you take out of your bank they will deduct 1% from what is still in the bank and send it to Washington. 

Total put in the Bank $5,000.00. $100.00 of that you give to Washington [whether you want to or not… and over and above any taxes you are already paying]. 

This bill, spells it out that everyone will pay the Government 1% of their gross income. Page 9 states the House and Senate shall convene not later than November 23, 2010 and Page 11 states the vote on passage shall occur not later than December 23, 2010.

The bill is HR-4646 introduced by US Rep Peter DeFazio Dem-Oregon and US Senator Tom Harkin Dem-Iowa.
It is now in committee and will probably not be brought out until after the Nov. elections.

The writer goes on to explain, “If your pay check or your social Security or whatever is direct deposit, 1% tax charged.” This “transaction tax” was proposed by the president’s finance team – a 1% on all transaction at any financial institutions. This is after the promise to the public that if they make under $250,000 a year, “you will not see one penny of new tax.”

When a wealthy person’s liberties are sequestered via more taxes, it’s easy for people who are making less to think nothing of it, but here is one more example that socialist economic measures don’t sit still. 

I spoke to a man who was asked to run for governor in Indiana. He said that in doing his due diligence, he discovered that the state could run very well on a 3% tax. He could never figure out where the rest of the money went!

When the Federal Reserve Act was voted on in 1913 (in a sneaky fashion just before Christmas Daywhen most of the politicians had gone home to be with their families), the taxation started with just 1%. (Checkout for more info on this)

Gradualism has been used to sneak up with more and more taxes. Remember the story of the frog in the pot… how the water was gradually warmed, else he would have jumped out? They must think we are suckers. Time to speak out. 

It’s our FREEDOM… to preserve. 

To the full restoration of our liberty and livelihoods, 


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