Thursday, October 07, 2010

I Bid You a Jew

CNN Fires Rick Sanchez for Supposedly Anti-Semitic Comments

In this politically-charged, politically correct environment, if you make one silly or off-hand comment and you are fired!

First Helen Thomas is forced to resign for saying that Jews should go back to where they came from.  She was a perfectly good reporter who asked tough questions of both Republicans and Democrats.  I think that they were both happy to get rid of her.  My comment was, when this story broke, that if I was a Jew living in Israel, I would leave because I wouldn’t want to be killed!  This is a perfectly understandable position to take given the frustrations over the conflict in the Middle East.  Despite an immediate apology, she was gone. 

Then Laura Schlesinger was next.  Giving people advice that they should avoid a situation which they can’t handle was enough to get her fired.  This time it was the Jew who was bid "adieu".

Finally we have Mr. Sanchez.  He said that CNN is run by Jews who have discriminated against him and that John Stewart is a bigot and one of those rich Jews who grew up not knowing what it was like to live in poverty.  He also scoffed at the notion that the Jews are “an oppressed minority”.  Of course in all of the media reports about this story, none of them ever consider whether what Rick said was really true or not.  If what you say is offensive, the truth doesn’t matter.  And it’s not just whether it is offensive, but who is it that is being offended and who it is that said it.   What if CNN really is run by Jews?  Has anybody bothered to look closely at the men and women in charge there?  Has anybody done a serious comparative analysis of the Jews' media...uh I, mean news media... to see if there is a pattern of bias in media outlets which have an inordinate number of Jews in positions of power?  Does the truth matter anymore?  And doesn’t it make a difference whether we are talking Jew by religion or Jew by race?  If we can have a discussion about whether Islam or certain misguided sects of it can be a religion of peace or of hatred, why can’t we have a discussion about whether Judaism or certain misguided sects of it can be driven by greed, shrewdness, or be overly biased toward its own interests?

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