Monday, June 20, 2011

All that glitters is definitely not Leftist tolerance

I watched much of the online streaming of the Right Online Conference held in Minneapolis, Minnesota this past Friday and Saturday. I was appreciative of Representative and Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s uplifting speech at the conference. I did not see the incident captured in the video below until later. The video documented a same-sex activist’s attempt to sprinkle Congresswoman Bachmann with glitter as she exited the stage after her inspiring speech. Apparently the liberal infiltrator did not hear or comprehend the message and was present for the sole purpose of demonstrating her intolerance.
 Hat tip goes to Judson Phillips of where I saw the YouTube video below. You can read about how the homosexual activists are using this tactic with other GOP presidential candidates in Phillips’ article, “More liberal intolerance.”

I like what the woman in the closing moments of the video admonishes the wayward woman, to seek her mother’s guidance on what it is to have integrity.

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