Saturday, June 25, 2011

It’s so un-American: Man terminated at CISCO for his politically incorrect religious beliefs

This week I heard on the alternative media's Today’s Issues radio show on the American Family Radio network a news story that will not be covered by the pro-homosexual, pro-Democrat Party press. It is the story of a leadership trainer, Dr. Frank Turek, who was fired from his position at CISCO, the computer networking system giant, for having politically incorrect beliefs. It illustrates how corrupted society including industry is becoming by the influence of the homosexual agenda and the effectiveness of homosexual advocates ‘activism.

Read the recent series of articles by Mike Adams of as he documents the plight of Dr. Frank Turek in one of the Fortunes 500 companies.
The Cisco Kid (6/16/2011)
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Now with New York approving the same-sex perversion version of “marriage” just last night, this wholly unnatural, unhealthy, abnormal same-sex lifestyle is advancing like a malignant tumor. It is dangerous not only on a moral, spiritual level. It is dangerous because it not only accepts, it condones, it encourages, it now institutionalizes sinful, ungodly behavior. Unchecked, it will lead to this nation’s demise as surely as our cancerous debt and deficit will.

CISCO: Totally Politically Correct Intolerance?

I took action and sent the President of Cisco this email. You can also Take Action today!
TO: Mr. John Chamber, President
RE: Reinstate Dr. Frank Turek
DATE: June 26, 2011
I am writing today to express my disappointment at learning that your company terminated Dr. Frank Turek for his religious beliefs, even though those beliefs were never shared during the leadership and team building program he was hired to present. The idea that a person could be fired because someone complained about his or her personal beliefs after searching for the information on the Internet is outrageous. I urge to reinstate Dr. Turek and take appropriate action against the individual(s) responsible for his wrongful firing.
I have been following this story on online and look forward to reading and/or hearing your response to this matter. July 4th is the holiday we celebrate freedom and liberty in America. What Cisco did to Dr. Turek was rob him of his individual freedom and personal liberty. This is shameful. This is un-American

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