Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trick or Tweet

You can tell a lot about a person (or organization) about the friends they keep and the tweets they send. Just look at former representative Anthony Weiner, then maybe we shouldn’t look. Here is rather infamous baby-killing organization, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and their twitter marketing activity that caught the eye of the Family Research Council, which reported the following:

If Planned Parenthood were really suffering financially, do you think the organization could afford to spend $100,000 on tweets? Jill Stanek did some digging and found out that America's biggest abortion group is so desperate that it's paying people to follow them on Twitter. As a new form of advertising, the social media execs are offering "promoted tweets," where companies can pay to have their messages listed with users. Back in September, the Wall Street Journal reported Twitter was selling the 140-character messages for $100,000 each. Planned Parenthood has paid for two. Obviously, the abortion giant is more interested in keeping their government dollars than providing services to women. Instead of using that money to keep their clinics open in Minnesota and Indiana and provide those so-called "vital services for women," the group is spamming people on Twitter. So the next time Planned Parenthood cries poor, Congress should tell them to tweet it to someone who cares.

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