Friday, June 24, 2011

FDA, HHS: Where are the Abortion Warning Labels?

This week the big government Federal Drug Administration (FDA) announced its new graphic warning labels to be placed on packs of cigarettes. Isn't that so caring and so controlling of big brother or big comrade government? I contend that abortion kills more humans and is even more insidious and harmful to babies and women then cigarettes, yet where is the outcry against this social injustice, this infanticide, this American atrocity?

Hat tip goes to for the information and the petition which can be also found on their website.

The FDA recently announced new restrictions on cigarette packages, forcing manufacturers to feature prominent graphic images on the front of every cigarette package to warn smokers of harmful effects that smoking can have on their health and those around them.

When picking up their cigarette packages, smokers will see pictures of a man blowing smoke out of a hole in his neck, a smoker’s mouth riddled with cancer, a baby under a cloud of smoke, and a deceased man, among other colored graphics.

This marks the biggest change in cigarette package warnings in over a quarter of a century and notes the shift in American public opinion about smoking. Smoking has become passe.

Yet, what about abortion?

Where are the warning labels on abortion?

Where are the warnings to tell women that abortion will kill their child and scare them for life?

Sign your name to this petition to tell the FDA that all abortion facilities and abortion-causing drugs should come with graphic warning labels - showing women what an abortion really does.

Sign the petition here.

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