Thursday, June 23, 2011

Help Rand Cut Spending--Support S. 162

From Rand Paul:

Cut Federal Spending Petition to:
My U.S. Senators and Congressman
Whereas:   Our national debt is at $14.1 trillion and continues to grow at a rate of $4.1 billion per day; and
Whereas:   This massive debt and reckless spending will soon force the government to print even more money and levy additional taxes on me and my fellow Americans; and
Whereas:   The Cut Federal Spending Act would cut $500 billion from our current $1.5 trillion deficit; and
Whereas:   The Cut Federal Spending Act is the first step in allowing our struggling economy to recover and end this economic depression;
Therefore: I urge you in the strongest possible terms to take the first step in ending the federal budget deficit by supporting the Cut Federal Spending Act (S. 162) with every means at your disposal.

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