Saturday, June 25, 2011

Diggin’ Up Dirt: The Media and a Sarah Palin Email

Hat tip goes to the, which sent me a link to the video below.

Here is a sample email from those 25,000 or so release recently to the frenzied media, eager to “expose” Governor Palin’s ignorance, incompetence, and/or indiscretions. Watch the video and get a glimpse of the real Sarah Palin, and the story the media will never report.

Check out this YouTube description, which effectively summarizes the content of the video

Poignant, email from Sarah Palin to friends and family as she awaits the arrival of Trig, her soon to be born Down's Syndrome son. The email is sent written from God's perspective and is both comforting and uplifting as He trough Sarah Palin, shares the miracles this child will bring with it into our world.

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