Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Weinergate: Countdown to Resignation, Step down now, Anthony!

Infamous Twitterer and 
Controversial Congressman

It is Day 12 of the Weinergate controversy. He still contends that he will not resign. Here are ten reasons why he should resign now, his actions explicitly demonstrated the following.

• Extremely poor judgment

• Immoral and unethical behavior

• Breach of public trust

• String of lies, habitual lying

• Failing to be a role model

• Placed in situation where he could be blackmailed by America’s enemies

• Immaturity

• Lack of character

• Assassinated the character of Andrew Breitbart

• Brought disgrace to the office of Congressman and to Congress

His profuse apology-laced “confession” at the beginning of the week was pathetic. He should have announced his resignation at that time if he had even an ounce of decency. Instead, he acknowledged his "mistake" and vowed (for what that is worth) to make it up to his wife. Today he continued to apologize to his fellow Congressional members. Is there no accountability for our elected representatives any more?

Why is it that a married Republican Congressman from the same state as Representative Weiner, New York, resigns immediately after a picture of a bare chested Chris Lee is revealed? However, increasingly ugly revelations involving a string of young women from coast to coast does not illicit a resignation or even a call from his party for him to resign? Is the Democratic Party equally without standards? I think that it is the Democratic Party that fosters a culture of corruption and Weiner is a prime example.

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