Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tea Party Platform for 2012

Hat tip goes to Judson Phillips, who proposed the following Tea Party Platform in a recent Tea Party Nation article, "A Tea Party Platform."

1. Cut spending. An immediate reduction in spending to 2004 levels. Government spending in 2004 was approximately $2.3 trillion. This one action will almost immediately balance the budget.

 2. Create a commission for the elimination of wasteful spending. The commission would have six months to go through the federal budget and propose the elimination of spending that is simply wasteful, fraudulent or programs that do not work, have achieved their goals when they were created, or have simply failed. The commission’s proposal would go to Congress for a straight up or down vote and cannot be amended by Congress. It would then go to the President for signature.

3. Close the border with Mexico. Use military forces to completely seal the border to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, illegal narcotics and terrorists from Mexico.

4. Enforce immigration laws currently on the books. Have ICE investigate employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants and prosecute those who do.

5. Cut taxes to stimulate the economy. While our long-term goal needs to be the replacement of the income tax with a consumption based tax, the immediate goal should be to stimulate the economy with tax cuts. Start with an across the board 30% cut in personal income taxes corporate taxes and the elimination of the capital gains tax.

6. Eliminate the useless departments of the federal government. Elimination of the Department of Education and Energy, which have failed miserably in their jobs, as well as an immediate freeze in hiring new government employees, except in the area of defense and national security.

7. Create a plan to make American energy self-sufficient within four years, by drilling and exploiting the natural resources we have here in America. This would include repealing laws that allow bureaucrats or liberal activist groups to file lawsuits that stop drilling or the construction of new refineries. Create rewards for those who can create marketable energy alternatives.

8. Repeal NAFTA, CAFTA and all the other free trade agreements. For America to remain a viable economic superpower, the country must have a manufacturing base. Not only do we need a manufacturing base to employ Americans, we also have crucial infrastructure components, such as power generators that are no longer made in America. If these components were destroyed in a terrorist attack, America could be crippled until we could get replacements, assuming that we could.

9. Either win Afghanistan or get out. The purpose of the military is not nation building. It is to destroy the enemy. Either we take the gloves off and let the military win in Afghanistan or we pull out.

10. Put together a commission to provide a plan to reform Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Social Security and Medicaid are rapidly heading towards insolvency. We need a plan to reform these programs.

All of the above mention platform issues are good. I agree with all of them. However, I would add the following to the platform:

11. End all federal funding and subsidies for abortion. This would include ending all funding of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America based on the documented corruption and its funneling of fungible funds to the abortion side of their “business.” Abortion remains America's holocaust, an American atrocity.

12. Reinstate the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for our armed forces. In a time of war (or any time for that matter) introducing social engineering using our military as guinea pigs is beyond foolish.

13. Reform the American Health Care System. Tied in with item number 10 above dismantle all aspects of ObamaCare and substitute such reforms as promotion of Health Savings Accounts, the ability to purchase health insurance across state lines, and serious tort reform.

14.  End membership in the corrupt and terribly anti-American United Nations. The UN does more harm than it does good. We need to stop our funding of this worthless organization and its expanding one-world government vision.
The candidate who seeks my vote must be in fundamental agreement with the Platform as outlined above. This means that the candidate must be a fiscal and social conservative. Interestingly, one could say that the current President and his party have the exact opposite platform as the one proposed above.


  1. Anonymous5:53 PM

    So, you realize Obama is doing most of these things, right?

  2. Anonymouns -

    Actually, Obama's doing NONE of these things!

  3. Anonymous11:29 AM

    why would you want to reduce social security and medicaid, and also why would you want to fire the energy and education heads because those seem pretty important so that we don't screw up again and do the exact same thing and hey why we are at it why not just make the us dumber by cancelling the education head and lets also destroy the natural beauty of the us by drilling everywhere for a sixteenth of the worlds natural resources. Doesn't make sense to me.