Saturday, June 25, 2011

ObamaCare annual check-up: Prognosis is poor

Cartoon by William Warren, ObamaCare One Year Later

Here's a belated recognition of the first anniversary of ObamaCare, the federal government takeover of the American Health Care industry. I will quote a couple of excerpts from an article, "ObamaCare's Annual check-up: Ailing, to Get Worse," which I recently read in the May 9th issue of The New American magazine.
Of course, somebody has to pay for all those new taxes and benefits (in ObamaCare). And those somebodies won't be insurers or drug firms. They be American patients.

Just as there were payoffs to get the bill passed, the government in deciding who among its allies can be relieved of burdens of the new regulation. Waivers have been granted to more than 1,000 (now around 1,400) sponsors of health plans -- with the largest being the heavily Democrat United federation of Teachers Welfare Fund in New York, with some 351,000 enrolled in its plan. Others granted waivers from the red tape and added costs include the AFL-CIO and SEIU.
Ironically, those same seekers of waivers were some of the most voracious and vociferous supporters of that terrible legislation throughout the process to insure its passage. What is good for the goose is not necessiarly good for the rest of America. ObamaCare must be dismantled and defunded. It would better to title it Insuring Unaffordable Health Care and Punish the Patient Act.

I love the article author's, William P. Hoar, concluding comment:
After only one year, the program has earned a motto: ObamaCare -- It's enough to make you sick.

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