Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Celebrating Life: A Historic Pro-Life Day in Ohio

Life Support: Ohio Heartbeat Bill Passes 6/28/2011

I just received this good news in an email from Chris Long of the Ohio Christian Alliance. There were three pieces of pro-life legislation in the Ohio state legislature today. All three passed to the chagrin of the pro-death crowd. In the end it is inching Ohio a little closer to the truth that life begins at conception and that all human life is sacred. I am sure that the forces of evil will be amassed to overturn this partial victory in the court. But for now it is a victory for life.

The anniversary of America’s Declaration of Independence, which clearly emphasizes “Life” as the first inalienable right is only days away. I could not think of a more appropriate time for pro-life laws to be approved that immediately preceding the July 4th celebration!

Here is the email content I just received:

Today, Ohio made history as the Ohio Legislature passed three significant pieces of pro-life legislation…

H.B. 78, Ohio's ban on late term abortion, sponsored by State Representatives Kristina Roegner and Joe Uecker, passed the Ohio House by a margin of 64-32.

H.B. 79 , a provision to opt Ohio out of taxpayer abortion coverage under the new federal health care law, sponsored by Representatives Danny Bubp and Joe Ueker, passed by a vote of 62-35.

Ohio's Heartbeat Bill, H.B. 125, sponsored by State Rep. Lynn Wachtmann, passed the Ohio House by a margin of 54-43. This legislation goes farther than any previous pro-life legislation to date. It will restrict abortion when a baby's heartbeat can be detected. Numerous pro-life organizations throughout the state, along with pro-life legislators, worked on the passage of this legislation.

Ohio Christian Alliance (OCA) President Chris Long made the following statement, "These successes are due to the efforts of pro-life Ohioans who for years have prayed, voted, and lobbied for the unborn. Their voices were heard on behalf of the unborn innocent, and that message is resonating with members of the Ohio Legislature and is evidenced by this strong pro-life legislation."

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