Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bigoted NBC-TV insults God again and again

A view from the Right, the right view

Did NBC commit a blatant act of religious bigotry? Absolutely, on two separate occasions during the so-called “patriotic” introduction to their U.S. Open golf tournament coverage, they left out the words, “Under God” and “Indivisible” from the Pledge of Allegiance. This is a brazen slap in the face of American Christians and America in general.

It is not enough for NBC, along with the other broadcast and most cable networks to shill for the Democratic Party and for President Obama, but it seems they also are shilling for Satan, the adversary of Christians here on earth, too, by banning and by rejecting God. This YouTube video produced by the American Family Association (AFA.net) is yet another proof of the deliberate anti-God, anti-American bias and behavior of the lamestream media. It must be concluded that they are a destructive force in our culture today.

A view from the Left, the wrong view
The Left loves to lie. Obama declared America to be a Muslim nation. This YouTube video below declares that America had secular roots. Both Obama and the creator of this video perpetuate falsehoods. America’s roots are deeply Christian. The Left through revision distorts both history and reality.

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