Saturday, March 07, 2009

Another Advance in "Stem-Cell" Research

You may remember the above video of Michael J. Fox lobbying for Claire McCaskill for Senate because he wants to lift the "ban" on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. Various developments have proven, however, that this barbaric practice is unecessary. But imposter President Barry Soetoro has recently decided to lift the funding ban anyway. Its disgusting to see not only Mr. Fox's exploitation of innocent little boys and girls in this way, but it really galls me to hear scientists say things like, "We have been operating with one hand tied behind our back," as if it is impossible to do research without federal funding and as if that wasn't a violation of our rights as citizens under the 10th Amendment.

And now there is even more reason to reject embryonic stem cell research. As I reported before, a Japanese scientist (Shinya Yamanaka) developed a method for converting skin cells into cells which are just as good as embryonic stem cells and without the ethical concerns. Later scientists used this technology to make pancreatic cells as I reported here. Now scientists have used these cells which have been converted to an “embryonic state” to develop neurons (or nerve cells) that can be used for treating Parkinson’s patients. These are BETTER than embryonic stem cells because they come from the patient’s own cells instead of being savagely harvested from innocent human beings which have to be killed in the process. The method still needs to be perfected before the cells are actually transplantable, but this is only a few years away according to Dr. Anders Bjorklund, research scientist at Lund University in Sweden.

You can read more about this in an article on Michael J. Fox’s own website:

Please contact him and tell him that we do not need to kill innocent people to save others.

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