Saturday, March 21, 2009

The G.I.V.E. Act may really take America

Demise of America

Is this the new "Volunteer" Youth Brigade?

After the massive, unwise, on-going spending spree of the last few months, I am very wary of anything that the alleged President Barry Soetoro (a/k/a Barack Obama), Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Senator Harry Reid proposes. The Democratic sponsored H.R. 1388: Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education (G.I.V.E.) Act of 2009 is no exception. GIVE is really TAKE. The speed with which the socialistic agenda is being foisted on an unsuspecting, naïve, unthinking America is rapidly racing this nation to anarchy and destruction.

HR 1388

Like securing and expanding their Pro-Death, Pro-Sodomy & Pro-Socialist plans and programs, the GIVE Act is another important component of the devious Democratic Party elites' plan to kill the America our Founders bore.

Gary Franchi of Restore the Republic. in a YouTube video, “The Reality Report with Gary Franchi, March 20,2009” which I viewed last night and again this morning reported on this terrible un-American bill. Here is the transcript of the relevant portion his report.

“Are you between the ages of 18-24? Well, guess what? You’ve just been drafted into (Soetoro’s a/k/a) Obama’s private army. While America was sleeping the (U.S.) House passed the Volunteerism in Education Act deductively called the “GIVE Act.”

“The bill was approved by a 321-105 vote and now goes to the Senate. Opponents are strongly criticizing the legislation calling it “Expensive indoctrination” and “forced advocacy.”

“Subsection B6 of Section 6104 (of the original bill introduced in and reported to the U.S. House) states a commission will be set up to investigate whether a workable, fair and reasonable MANDATORY service requirement for all able young people could be developed.

Luke Sheahan, contributing editor for the Family Security Foundation says, “The idea that government should order its people to perform acts of charity is contrary to the idea of charity . . .”

“Now, the very nature of volunteerism is that you make a conscious choice to assist an organization. When that choice is made for you, you cease being a volunteer and now have become FORCED LABOR.

“While on the campaign trail during a Colorado Springs (Colorado) rally (Soetoro a/k/a) Obama declared that a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded as the military would be needed to achieve national security objectives.

“Proponents of the bill said that volunteerism would not be forced, but we all know the government has a track record of going against its word.”

I must take issue with one portion of Franchi’s report. As far as I can determine TITLE VI--CONGRESSIONAL COMMISSION ON CIVIC SERVICE of HR 1388 was not included in the final version of HR 1388 as passed on Wednesday, March 18, 2009. However. HR 1388 lays the foundation of what Franchi describes above. I do not think that in and of itself the recently passed bill requires mandatory service, yet.

HR 1444

The Living Reason blog commented yesterday,
“I came across a story about House Bill HR 1444 - the "Congressional Commission on Civic Service Act".

“It is currently referred to subcommittee and I hope it dies there.”

This HR 1444 has the exact same wording as Title VI of HR1388 as originally introduced in the U.S. House. I believe that the intent was to include HR1444 in HR 1388, but it did not make the final version as passed last Thursday, at least I could not find it in the final version of the bill.

Living Reason goes on to state, "Of particular interest are sections 4(b)(5) and 4(b)(6) that lists a couple duties of the commission.

“Among other things, they are to study: "(5) The effect on the Nation, on those who serve, and on the families of those who serve, if all individuals in the United States were expected to perform national service or were required to perform a certain amount of national service."

"(6) Whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed, and how such a requirement could be implemented in a manner that would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges by bringing together people from diverse economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds." . . .

Living Reason asks as series of probing question,

· “So why is this the government's job? Oh yeah, they are the only ones that require and can enforce mandatory.’
· “So who would define what should qualify as "service"?
· What would the penalties of "required" and "mandatory" be?
· “And what would "reasonably mandatory" mean?”

“Here's the problem with 4(b)(5) - it seeks to find out "the effect" without regards to whether it is even proper as a governmental role.

“Here's the problem with 4(b)(6) - it includes "workable", "fair", and "reasonable" in the same sentence as "mandatory" with no trace of irony.

“And why doesn't the commission ask the basic question as to whether the government should even be in this role?

“I must say would come at a convenient time of increasing federalization of our "public" (i.e. "government run") (and failing) school system. Yes, the commission will also look into how service could be made a requirement in primary and secondary education.

“Here's the thing. A just society is one where people help each other voluntarily. Not because it is required with the threat of force (government == force). What kind of morality is that?

“I will engender in my daughter the desire to help those who need it. I will encourage her to think of ways that she can help people, out of a sense of empathy, and within the bounds of what she judges reasonable for her to do. I will also encourage her to resist any forced service, because whatever the intention behind it - the forced service is itself immoral.

“The whole "Congressional Commission on Civic Service Act" can be found here: .
. ."

Along with Living Reason, I hope that HR 1444 does not get out of the subcommittee. But I see it as being step 2 (Passage of HR1388 being step 1) in the eventual development by this administration of their intent to create a brown shirt army to keep their opponents (patriotic, conservative and Christian Americans) in check.


Although the “Congressional Commission on Civic Service” may not have been included in the final version of HR1388, it is indicative of the desire and goal of the Democratic Party elite. It shows us where they want to take this country. They will push for HR 1444 or some other mechanism to establish President Soetoro’s (a/k/a Obama’s) civilian national defense defense.

Americans must get engaged, informed and be observant of every move of the Soetoro (a/k/a Obama)–Pelosi-Reid, that troublesome triumvirate. They are intent in creating a socialistic state radically different that the original intent of our Founding Fathers. We must be diligent and respond appropriately to resist all encroachments to our freedoms. That is why I believe that the Tea Party Movement will continue to grow in protest to the shenanigans of the radical left, who are abusing their power . . .


  1. I posted a portion of this article on the national/international politics forum on and it was censored. They do not like the truth. My posts and the posts of my fellow bloggers on A Good Choice . . . are often not politically correct, but are biblically and morally correct. That is what is really important!

    Regarding HR 1388, it just may be the first step in the creation of mandatory 'volunteer' service by 18-24 year olds in President Soetoro's (a/k/a Obama) new brown shirt brigade that he talked about on the video embedded in this article. . .

  2. Just as "well-funded as the military"! That sends chills down my spine even if it is exaggeration. The military is already half the budget! This means 50% increase in spending! With that kind of tax/inflation burden you are going HAVE TO have a national force of bullies to keep people line.