Monday, March 30, 2009

Tiger Woods Speech at an Inauguration Event

T.D. sends us the transcript from Tiger Woods’ speech that he gave at the new President’s inauguration. Below is a transcript of the speech.

Following the transcript is an YouTube video of the speech
Tiger Woods gave on Sunday, Jan. 18, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. during the festivities for the presidential inauguration.

I grew up in a military family -- and my role models in life were my Mom and Dad, Lt. Colonel Earl Woods.

My dad was a Special Forces operator and many nights friends would visit our home. They represented every branch of service, and every rank. In my Dad, and in those guests, I saw first hand the dedication and commitment of those who serve. They come from every walk of life. From every part of our country. Time and again, across generations, they have defended our safety in the dark of night and far from home.

Each day -- and particularly on this historic day -- we honor the men and women in uniform who serve our country and protect our freedom. They travel to the dangerous corners of the world, and we must remember that for every person who is in uniform, there are families who wait for them to come home safely.

I am honored that the military is such an important part, not just of my personal life, but of my professional life as well. The golf tournament we do each year here in Washington is a testament to those unsung heroes. I am the son of a man who dedicated his life to his country, family and the military, and I am a better person for it.

In the summer of 1864, Abraham Lincoln, the man whose memorial we stand, spoke to the 164th Ohio Regiment and said: "I am greatly obliged to you, and to all who have come forward at the call of their country."

Just as they have stood tall for our country -- we must always stand by and support the men and women in uniform and their families.

Thank you . . .

Here is one man’s opinion of Tiger’s Speech:

“I have never been more proud of Tiger Woods than when I heard his 2-minute tribute (video above) to the military at the Inaugural Celebration in Washington DC. You know he was greatly pressured to be there. Liberals have been mad at him for a decade for not joining their ranks. You know he didn't want to be there.

“So instead of paying homage to Obama, he paid tribute to our soldiers. Not one time did he mention Obama, the inauguration or the new administration. He knew beforehand that his love for America and appreciation for our military men & women would anger them further. But Tiger is his own man; his father taught him to be his own man.

“Somewhere over that cold, gray Washington sky, old Earl Woods was smiling down on his beloved son. And there will be one more crying hug waiting for Tiger when he passes through the Pearly Gates into God's arms."


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  1. Anonymous3:45 PM

    I am a United States disabled veteran. It pleased me to hear Tigers speech, and the respect he has for our United States Military. Tiger spoke from his heart, and not from something that was written by the presidental staff, which I am sure that is what they wanted him to do. Through out my entire life, there has never been such a over load of crap on TV, news papers, Radio and other forms of the media about a person being selected as president. Oh my god, he is a African American, I guess we should all stop what we are doing and clap and sing. Personally, I think we should do, as we have done with all other presidents. Rate him on what he is supposed to be doing, (the big change), and not all the other bullcrap in his personal life to include his wife and daughters. Our country is introuble, and our forces are still fighting a war that is not even ours, like Vietnam. Tiger, stood his ground and spoke about something that is important to all of the United States. Unlike other people who jumped on the band wagon, to remind us again and again, that we have a African American for a president and changes are going to be made. So far the only changes are in the negative section. Maybe the media should focus more on what needs to be done to fix our problems, rather than all the personal crap going on with the president and his family. I guess the media look at the dollar signs and report on those things that have the color green at the end of them. This to me says, this president is doing nothing good enough for the media to put it in their stories, where are the checks and balances??? I would like to see some of those thing he said would be changed for the better to actually take place. When he is asked why things are not being changed he always comes up with ,"I will look in to that and get back to you".