Sunday, March 22, 2009

Open Letter to Michael Steele, RNC Chairman

I periodically receive telephone and written solicitations from the GOP. The Republican Party wants me, as a evangelical, born-again Christian and social and fiscal conservative, to support their party.

In the letter below I outline my many reservations regarding trusting the GOP.

March 20, 2009

Mr. Michael Steele, Chairman
Republican National Committee
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Steele:

Thank you for serving as the new RNC Chairman. You are enjoyable to listen to when filling in for Dr. Bill Bennett on his “Morning in America” Radio Show.

I am an Owner-Operator hauling steel. Presently the revenue I receive from the business does not cover my expenses. It is just below the break even point. I am putting my truck up for sale and will get out of the business once the truck is sold.

I received a phone call asking me to be sure to fill out the, “2009 State of the Republican Party Survey” so I thought that perhaps you really cared about what I thought. Survey question #6, Part III states: “Please attach a separate sheet of paper if you do not have enough space.”

Several sheets are being sent including writings, mostly by me, which express my viewpoint. Titles are "Righting the G.O.P.", “Insulting My Intelligence”, “Axis of Idiots”, “Not the Time for Profit”, “Has America Gone Beyond Stupid?”, “The Cannibal-In-Chief: Barack Hussein Obama”, “Obama, His Disciples, Associates, & Followers”, and “What is truth”.

Now here are my further comments.

Republicans cannot adopt Democratic Party ideas, policies, proposals and values, which are contrary to my core beliefs. Does the GOP think it can retain my trust? I have a Biblical worldview and liberals do not. This is true whether they are in the Republican Party or in the Democrat Party. Examples are given in my letter to Mr. Duncan, which is attached.

Israel! The fastest way to a non-superpower status is to go against Israel. Look at other nations and their treatment of the Jew: Germany, France, and Great Britain. God is real, and He states that those who curse Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, (Israel) will themselves be cursed by God. The United States has been cursing Israel through the so-called “land for peace” plan ever since President Carter was in office. As a result, America has been suffering for it. God has given this Middle East land to Israel and those nations which divide God’s land, He will destroy (Joel 3:2). I do not support dividing up Jerusalem or having a separate Palestinian state. Gaza should be administered by Israel. The west bank should be administered by Israel. $900 million for the terrorists through the U.N. is stupid; unless one is a terrorist. Even in war games the USA cannot win against Israel. Using 100% U.S. military personal I once read of a Lieutenant General taken out of retirement to lead an aggressor force against the American forces. In three days the aggressor was winning so well the war game was stopped and then the nationality the aggressor was revealed, It was Israel.

President Lyndon B. Johnson had a bill passed that removed the tax exempt status of churches for speaking out on politics. This bill should be removed. It intimidates preachers from speaking from God’s word on politics.

Michael G New SP4 should be rewarded for not submitting to U.N. control as an American Serviceman with an honorable discharge and received financial compensation for time off duty.

Chaplain Rev. James Klingenschmitt was removed from the U.S. Navy when he prayed in the name of Jesus after being ordered not to. He was denied his pension for military service. He should receive his pension and given an honorable discharge. This happened with President Bush as Commander-In- Chief. I am stunned that he would allow such conduct in the military he commanded. This does not build trust for the Republican Party with me.

Evangelism was stopped at the Air Force Academy while President Bush was Commander-In Chief. I thought President Bush is a Christian. Evangelism should not be restricted at any of the Academies, or any College, or any other school. This does not build trust with me for the GOP.

A soldier was evangelizing among the Iraqis and was sent home and disciplined. This should not happen. What ever happened to him should be reversed. This happened under President Bush. It does not make me trust the Republican Party.

I was not pleased when President Bush said that Islam was a peaceful religion. He seamed to equate Islam and Christianity as being the same which we all know is not the case.

President Bush proposed tax cuts and my Republican Senator, George Voinovich, opposed and got the tax cuts reduced by half of what President Bush proposed. This does not make me trust the Republican Party.

Usually nothing Senator John McCain does makes me trust the Republican Party. I did like his pick of Sarah Palin for V.P. and his insistence on the surge in Iraq.

Afghanistan commanders asked for 33,000 additional troops and President Obama sent 19,000. Why didn’t he send 50,000. I didn’t hear any Republicans complain that the President did not do enough. I’m concerned that Obama may set up the troops to lose in Afghanistan. He does hate the military.

By executive order President Obama brought in federally funded Embryonic Stem Cell Research (ESRC). I remember when the House and Senate lead by Republicans sent to President Bush legislation authorizing federally funded ESRC. President Bush vetoed the bill but allowed some ESCR to occur. This did not impress me well. I was angry. Republicans could make laws that outlaw in-vitro-fertilization and keep at it until it passes and is signed. Destruction of a human embryo should be classified as first degree murder.

I don’t like the lack of self control toward spending. The prescription drug program seemed expensive and so did the bailout program. It seems that the President is trying to spend money, instead of identifying the cause of the problem and stopping a continuation of bad practices. Instead only money is being spent. Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae should be closed down. Government should not guarantee loans.

Global warming by CO2 gas is a hoax. I am angered when people speak of it as if it were reality. The Supreme Court was wrong when it said President Bush should stop global warming. The Supreme Court must be opposed.

The United Nations is good for nothing, and the United States should get out of it and get it out of the United States. Its property should then be used for something else. I am not pleased when Republican leaders promote the U.N. I do not like the Law of the Sea Treaty or the Treaty on global warming.

I often think that the number one enemy of the United States is the people in Congress and the White House. These people have taken an oath of office and sworn to uphold and defend The Constitution of The United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic. Instead of keeping their oaths they are committing treason by misinterpreting and ignoring what the Constitution says.



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  1. Bush doesn’t think evangelism is important because he thinks that someone can go to heaven as a Muslim. “ There are many routes to heaven. ” he said.
    As far as spending is concerned, half of the federal budget is military spending (thus the pie chart on my picture) which is mostly the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, guarding the border between N and S Korea, maintaining 700 other overseas military bases, and as you pointed out, supplying unsavory revolutionaries or even terrorists with weapons. We don’t need any of these things.