Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Vision for Bulembu

On this blog you will read many posts indicating that things are getting worse and worse spiritually, economically, and politically. We are losing our freedom to speak freely about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are losing our wealth which may be completely gone tomorrow. Preachers are more than ever preaching watered-down prosperity gospel messages void of any mention of sin or judgment. Now more than ever we need to reach the world for Christ. I'm not an adventist (a Second Coming date-setter), but the signs of the times are here and the harvest is ripe. It’s time to get off our butts. We need to reach people for Christ before Joel Osteen does.

Here is one way you can. Partners in Action needs teachers to help with their evangelistic mission in Bulembu, Swaziland. If God has blessed you with a skill that you can teach, and you can’t find work in this terrible economy, this might be the perfect opportunity for you! They teach these kids English at these schools, so you wouldn’t have to learn a new language. Instead wringing your hands about the future, why not take a step of faith for Christ?

There are many other mission opportunities out there, but this was one that seemed particularly interesting to me. To learn more about the Bulembu Mission and how you can help, click here now!

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