Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pres. B. Hussein Obama: “Not the time for profit”

Profit is not a four-letter word

Last November, shortly after the election, I wrote an article about Barack Obama, “
Obama, His Disciples, Associates, & Followers.” This is a complementary article continuing the same theme.

President Barack Hussein Obama said, “This is not the time for profit,” when he put a $500,000 cap on the chief executives pay for those companies receiving government bailout money. This leaves the question dangling, “When is profit appropriate?”

Chrysler and General Motors were given several billion dollars and they have until February 17, 2009 to present a plan to Congress on how they will return to profitability. If they don’t do this they must return the money they received. If they were profitable now they would neither need the bailout money, nor would they need to write a plan. Somehow this seems like double talk, on the one hand you are not supposed to be profitable, but if you are going to get to keep money from the government you must explain how your company will return to profitability.

People are loosing their jobs. The government calls this bad, over 500,000 people became jobless in January 2009 alone. If those companies were profitable the people would not be loosing their jobs. So, how can President Obama say, “This is not the time to earn profits?” President B. H. Obama is not stupid or ignorant is he? I do not think so, but he may think the American people are stupid or something worse.

B. Hussein Obama has associated with the people who hate profit and the free enterprise system all of his life. He is showing by his statement that he is himself against profit and against capitalism. Actually profit is a godly concept. We read in Isaiah 48:17 that it is the Redeemer of Israel that teaches people to profit. The Redeemer of Israel is the Lord Jesus Christ. What ever is of God, Satan hates, therefore, Satan hates profit. President Obama being against profit shows he is following Satan. Beware and know the truth that whoever then is supporting President Obama and his anti-free enterprise policies, programs and legislation is then also following Satan.

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  1. This is an excellent point. But the flip side is, it is wrong to make a profit by unjust means. Profitting from bailout money is definately unjust.