Monday, February 16, 2009

Alternatives to “Bailouts” and “Stimulus’s”

How about strongly considering implementing any and all of the list below of alternatives to recent government provided solutions?

The following list provides other things we can do in lieu of wasteful, budget-busting, government-growing, debt-increasing, bankruptcy-inducing government fixes such as bailouts and so-called economic stimulus's. The government fixes in reality are cloaked efforts to introduce socialism into the American government.


Capping government growth.

Reduce individual and business taxes.

Cut back on government spending.

Reduce our federal deficit.

Abolish the IRS.

Secure our borders.

Develop our domestic energy resources and nuclear energy (drill here, drill now.)

Reject all of the man-made global warming foolishness of Al Gore and other extremist environmentalists as well as all of the accompanying related wasteful spending.

Strengthening our military, not cutting it.

Reduce our trade deficit.

Enforce our immigration laws not ignore them.

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