Sunday, February 01, 2009

Pilgrim’s Progress (2008)

Here is a brief description of the movie, Pilgrim's Progress, Journey to Heaven, followed by a few of my comments. I saw this movie last night at a church. Pilgrim's Progress, Journey to Heaven is a modern adaptation of John Bunyon's beloved classic tale. Amazing visual effects, beautiful locations and a wonderful cast bring to life the story that has inspired each generation for hundreds of years. Follow Christian and his companions on the great journey from the City of Destruction to the gates of Heaven. Along the way, the pilgrims face obstacles large and small, man-made and demon-spawned. Beyond the gripping drama, Bunyon's powerful allegory teaches us the hazards and hopes of the Christian life, and the triumphant glory that awaits all who faithfully follow the King of Kings!”

There was a man who was asleep in bed one night and he had a dream. He dreamt his name was Christian living in a city called Destruction and had visions of the entire city being destroyed by fire. Reading the Holy Bible Christian learned he was a sinner and he and his family were doomed. He carried a huge load of sin on his back which he wanted to get rid of somehow. An evangelist told Christian of a Celestial City but he had to walk the correct path and enter through the door to get there.

The film was Biblically sound. One is saved through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Jesus being the door. Jesus took the load of sin from off Christian’s back and gave him a sealed document of purchase. This document, he had to have to be allowed entrance into the Celestial City. That, of course, would be the Holy Spirit, who is the seal of salvation.

Christian met many people on the path to the Celestial City, those people got off the path and perished. When Christian, himself, got off the path and onto the wrong path, he met the fate of the path. Time after time he was rescued in some supernatural way, while others were not. I suspect the reason for this is that he was owned by God, while the others were not. Christian was shown several shortcuts to hell.

Christian and his fellow pilgrims reached the Celestial City and were allowed entrance. Faithful, another character, got their first. He was burned alive in the city of Vanity Fair, whose ruler was Beelzebub. That city, Vanity Fair, appears to be America today.

Another person, who did not travel with Christian, arrived at the entrance to the Celestial City. This person did not go through the door to the path and did not have a sealed document. This path or way to heaven proved to actually be the fastest way to hell. There actually is a an alternative to the Celestial City for those who choose to do and to go their own way and not God’s way.

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