Tuesday, February 03, 2009

‘War on Terror’ or ‘Appeasing the Terrorists’?

This past weekend I watched two movies. At the time I rented them I did not see any relation between them. However, as you will see there is a theme that seems to run through both. That theme is terrorism and more specifically the threat of terror on America. The two movies, “The Assassination of Richard Nixon” and “Farenhype 9/11" were both released in 2004. They both deal with terrorist acts.



Sean Penn started as Samuel Byck in a dark, morose movie. It is based on a true story of a mentally troubled man. This man intended to hijack an airplane and fly it into the Whitehouse with the intent on killing President Richard Nixon.
The whole movie showed a desperate man paranoid and maladjusted to the world thinking that everyone is out to make his life miserable. His wife divorced him. His boss ridicules him. He has few friends. As the movie progressed Byck gets more and more insane. He eventually loses his job.

He ends up stealing a gun from the only friend he had and heads for the airport to carry out his assassination plan. This apparently was the first attempt to use an airplane to commit a terrorist act in the United States. Subsequently the Saudi Arabian Islamic terrorists succeed in hijacking four planes and accomplishing 75% of their objectives.

The movie is instructive at getting a glimpse into the mind of a terribly troubled individual. I suspect that the Islamic terrorists likewise are deeply troubled and feel the same things this domestic terrorist felt.

There are probably many Bycks lurking on the highways and byways of America, Saudi Arabia, Iran Mexico and elsewhere. That is why we cannot be too diligent in securing our borders, our skies and our seas.


I would rate this movie a *** ½ out of *****. The movie is definitely not inspiring. It is revealing, however.

This movie is definitely for adults only. It is a window into the mind of an assassin, a terrorist. You can see how his hatred and his paranoia develops. How he wants to get even with a society, which “persecutes” him. We get a frighteningly glimpse of insanity.

There is nothing redemptive about the movie, except maybe obtaining a little understanding a troubled mind. This poor soul, Byck, lacked love. Partially it was his fault, in that he made himself unlovable. But no one in the movie except his one friend seemed to take any real interest in him. Watch the movie for a sobering change of pace and a dose of raw reality. See the depth of loneliness, frustration, fear, hopelessness depicted. Sean Penn does a good job of acting.

FARENHYPE 9/11 (2004)

“There is no terrorist threat.”

--- Michael Moore

“What is similar between what some of us call World War III, the Cold War, and World War IV, the war we are in now, is that both were animated by a hostile ideology with global ambitions . . . Today, I would argue it is Islamic fascism, a strain of the Muslim faith that is very virulently intolerant . . .”

--- Frank Gaffney, Assistant Secretary of Defense

Those are some of the early quotes in this documentary, Farenhype 9/11, which was a response to Michael Moore’s flawed and fictitious Fahrenheit 9/11. I rented the movie. The disk only aloud me to watch the first 16 or 17 minutes. However, I got a flavor of the movie and a reminder of the calculated and well-executed foreign terrorist attack on America on the fateful early fall day in 2001.


I could not disagree more with Michael Moore’s conclusion that we have no terrorist threat. I do agree, however, with Frank Gaffney’s assessment that Islamo-fascism is on the march for world domination and that we are its biggest obstacle and its biggest target.

I am troubled by President Barry Soetoro’s (a/k/a Barack Obama) early foolish actions calling for closing of Guantanamo Bay, ending “torture” and his stated desire to trim the defense budget by 10%. Yet, at the same time, he and Congress intend to spend wildly on political payoffs and on a multitude of pork projects.

I am fearful that an inexperience and naive President Soetoro, under the heavy influence of President Clinton leftovers and Chicago political hacks, will take us back to a pre-9/11 mentality. We will likely grow more and more complacent and vulnerable to both terrorist attacks at home and abroad. Soetoro will be so engrossed in electioneering for the ’12 election, in solidifying and in expanding his power, that he will be blinded from the powers that threaten to repeat multiplied 9/11 destruction.

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