Saturday, February 21, 2009

Personhood USA

Hats off to fellow blogger, Matt, who recently wrote about the progress made in one state, North Dakota, with regard to passage of a bill that would recognize the personhood of every pre-born baby, presently regarded as a non-person. He gave me the idea for this post.

A ballot initiative on Personhood was first introduced in Colorado last fall. Unfortunately, the ballot issue was defeated. However, it triggered what hopefully will be a national wave of similar bills or ballot issues. Personhood is a positive alternative to failed Pro-Life instrumentalism, which has been the main strategy of the Pro-Life movement until now. It has failed miserably. In fact, with a pro-death oriented president and a abortion-loving Congress the horrible Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) is a distinct, almost inevitable, possibility. If passed FOCA would overturn every piece of legislation enacted sine 1973 meant to check unlimited abortion on demand.

According to a February 18, 2009 Christian Newswire story found on the website, “”Federal and State efforts signal growing grassroots commitment for Personhood.

“Personhood USA is pleased to announce that since the beginning of the new year, seven different states have started efforts for the personhood of pre-born children.

“In addition, Rep. Duncan Hunter has introduced H.R. 881, the Right to Life Act , on the federal level, propelling the personhood movement forward.
"Five States have now introduced bills affirming the personhood rights of pre-born humans from the moment of fertilization including:

Maryland / HB925 Delegate Don Dwyer

North Dakota / H.R. 1572 Rep. Dan Ruby

Montana / SB 406 Sen. Daniel W McGee

South Carolina / H.3526 Rep. Liston Barfield

Alabama / SB-335 Sen. Hank Erwin

Oregon has begun a personhood amendment petition drive, and

Mississippi's personhood amendment petition drive is expected to launch within weeks.

“The common thread among all of these efforts is the goal to fill what is becoming known as the "Blackmun Hole" in Roe v. Wade. This is where Justice Blackmun implied in the Roe v. Wade decision that if the case were established that the pre-born was a person, the argument for abortion collapses. In Roe v Wade, it is acknowledged that the "fetus" is fully human, but did not grant the rights of "persons" until birth.”

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