Saturday, February 07, 2009

We don’t need a stimulus

We need the truth

"The President says we need a stimulus. The governors say we need a stimulus. What's the truth?

"Here's a thought. How can government spend money it doesn't have and fix anything? Please take two minutes
(and watch the YouTube video below) to get behind the scenes on the stimulus debate and learn why we don't need the stimulus."

Those were the words I received in an email this morning from the American Policy Roundtable commenting on the pork 'n political payoff padded so-called stimulus, which is really a socialism stimulant.

David Zanotti of the American Policy Roundtable presents in the video embedded below a fresh perspective on the so-called economic stimulus being shoved through Congress and onto the American taxpayer, you and me.

Truth: The stimulus is government spending money it does not have.

Truth: The federal government is broke.

Truth: Most state governments are broke.

Truth: America is bankrupt.

Truth: The stimulus is primarily a way of consolidating and perpetuating Democratic Party power with an eye on the elections in 2010 and 2012.


don’t need
a stimulus.

the truth.


  1. Today I emailed the three GOP senators who appear to be supporting the wasteful entirely unnecessary so-called stimulus bill.

    I also faxed Sen. Specter's Washington DC office and some of the two Maine Senators Collins and Snowe's district offices because their Washington fax machines would not accept faxes.

    This bill is too radical for America . . . it is by, for and of the radical Democrats and their constituents, with no regard for the future and no regard for the majority of TAXPAYING Americans.

    I sincerely hope that these three will change their minds or several more conservative leaning Democratic Senators will vote against this terribly wasteful and inappropriate mega-spending bill.

  2. I would hope that we could take this opportunity to educate people as to how the government wastes our money. Then if the Republicans ever return to power we can generate enough pressure get them to stop giving us their version of wasteful economic stimulus packages.

  3. I'm in Northern IL where windmills are now going up. American natural recourses, I believe, are owned by spain. Also, IL. has sold out some of their toll roads??!! What else is our government going to sell out from its people. In my hard-labor line of work I've found NOONE happy about the governments spending policies. Why can't our congressman\senators see that they ran out in front of a bus and ended up in the hospital the first stimulus bill, now they're out of the hospital and want to run in front of a bigger bus!! I agree, our government needs to quit worrying about stimulus and worry about the EXISTING wasteful spending and downsize their "business" like all other US business are forced to do?