Friday, February 06, 2009

The Stimulus Package: Advancing a Leftist Agenda

Former Colorado U.S. Representative Tom Tancredo, who served for 10 years in Congress and who championed the call to do something about the rampant illegal alien invasion, was interviewed this week on the American Family Radio’s Today’s Issues radio show. He made some great points when asked about the current bailouts and so-called economic stimulus bill, which passed the House and is currently being hotly debated in the Senate.

Here is what Congressman Tancredo had to say about that debt-enhancing, budget-busting bill. It is, “Two-thirds social service spending, an increase in government power and authority in our lives, and about one-third (of what) could be identified as (economic) “stimulus.””

Tancredo referred to President Barry Soetoro’s (a/k/a Barack Obama’s) advisor and chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel as “brilliant” and very “smart” and “absolutely committed the Democratic leftwing agenda.” He quoted Emanuel as having said the following words or similar in affect, “You should never let a crisis go to waste.”

Tancredo went on to explain what Emanuel meant by that expression, “Let’s take advantage of the situation here to advance our agenda, not just to figure some sort of economic stability, but to advance OUR AGENDA. To take government into the lives of every American to the extent never before anticipated. Just like FDR did in terms of taking advantage of the Depression. Just like LBJ did in taking advantage of his predecessor’s assassination in passing . . . the Great Society (legislation)."

Tancredo added, “This is a way . . . a strategy . . . to do things that they always wanted to do

· To push nationalized healthcare
· To nationalize the banks
· To nationalize most of our industries
· To become the socialist nation that a lot of those folks believe we have to be.”

Tancredo concluded, “This is what the stimulus package is mostly all about.”

I could not agree with Congressman Tancredo more. The bill is really a bailout of failed Democratic socialistic welfare schemes and policies of the past. Such a “change” is really “same old, same old.”

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  1. Bush did to advance his agenda. Patriot Act, the death of Habeus Corpus, war in Iraq, North American Union, ..etc.