Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Real Crisis is Belief in Man-Made Global Warming

Global Warning!

Global warming is not the crisis; it is the belief in and actions taken on the false notion of man-made or man-caused global warming that is the crisis.

Belief in man-caused global warming is commonsense leaving the building!

Man-caused global warming is a lie. Man is not the primary cause of global warming as Gore on others falsely claim. The climate is cyclical. Blame the sun. Global warming has given rise to an industry of its own, meant to enrich Gore and other deceivers.

Global warming is a ruse to redistribute the world’s wealth, to bring on the dawning of a socialistic utopia. This is a way to destroy capitalism and the sovereignty of our nation. It needs to be resisted and rejected for the falsehood it is. It is an expensive boondoggle just like the so-called economic stimulus (mis)appropriation bill . . .


Gore has already made millions spreading the lie. Gore and others stand to make million more off dealing carbon credits. Oil companies will be shut down.

Global warmins is chiefly a political issue and not a scientific one. It is junk science at best. It is being promulgated for personal aggrandizement by the inventor of the Internet himself and those that will personally benefit from it.

It is WE the people who stand to lose the most – high cost of alternative “fuels” which actually cannot replace oil or coal right now. We may even have to walk instead of drive. We will become impoverished.

Industry as a whole loses because alternative fuels are not here and cannot meet the demand now or in the near future. More jobs will be lost to China et al. China will win – they will ignore any call to play the carbon credit game. America loses.

I am all for alternative energy. But until they are put in place we must drill here, drill now using our rich domestic oil and clean coal supply and NUCLEAR energy. We can, we should, we must reduce our dependence on foreign oil. The foolish Marxist-oriented extremist environmentalists have hogtied and crippled our nation causing the great degree of dependence on Islamic terrorist supporting states in the Middle East.

Going entirely green right now is a foolish pipe dream. What we need is more oil to flow through our pipelines and end the nightmare!

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