Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lia Hears a Who, Too

I saw the YouTube video below first on the Secular Heretic blog earlier this week, and again this evening in an email I received from K.C. I had to watch it. I share it with you, because whether you are pro-life or pro-abortion the message will surely touch your heart.

This is a powerful statement about abortion. This time it was a speech given by a 12 year old girl, Lia, from Toronto, Canada. She gave this speech to her seventh grade class. It is absolutely stunning. It is a pure and simple, yet a very penetrating expression. How maturely, flawlessly and enthusiastically this young lady articulates her heartfelt pro-life position. reported in an article, “12-Year-Old Stuns Pro-Choice Teacher and School with Pro-Life Presentation,” that Lia has become a star at her school and on Youtube with her five-minute pro-life speech, crafted for a school competition. Read the rest of this insightful article here.

You go, girl!

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