Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Late Night Takes – Tax Evasion Issues Sink Appointees

Late Night Jokes

I periodically receive emails from NewsMax.com regarding their highlights of the late night TV talk shows. Here is one I received today.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

● "There was a huge scientific breakthrough today. Researchers say they’re very close to finding someone from Obama’s Cabinet who’s actually paid their taxes."

Why was Timothy Geithner confirmed as the U.S. Secretary of Treasury when he too avoided payment of taxes? Please check out my article, “The Taxman Cheateth.”

"Tom Daschle, who President Obama wants as his secretary of Health and Human Services, apparently did not pay $128,000 in taxes that he owes to the government. Do you realize Obama hasn’t had a Cabinet member with an embarrassing tax problem like this since . . . the last guy they appointed?"

In other words, Daschle’s high health hopes are dashed with tax evasion charges. Is this the “change” that President Soetoro (a/k/a Obama) is bringing to Washington?

This afternoon AOL News
reported, “Nancy Killefer, President Obama's pick to be Chief Performance Officer, dropped out of contention Tuesday due to income tax issues. Hours later, former Senator Tom Daschle withdrew his candidacy for Health and Human Services secretary after news of his tax problems surfaced."

AOL News also quoted President Soetoro’s White House press secretary Robert Gibbs as saying, "They both recognized that you can't set an example of responsibility but accept a different standard of who serves.”

I just wonder why Mr. Geithner got a pass when he was likewise evading payment of taxes?

Seems to me that Chicago corruption and sleaze has slithered in to Washington with President Soetoro . . .


  1. He'll just appoint some other tax cheating, baby-killing, CFR to the post.

  2. Matt -

    Sad to say you are correct.