Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Search for a New President

Yes, Bible believing Christians need to start searching for a new President. But first, I want talk about someone else who is searching for new president.

The University of Cincinnati announced last week that their president, Nancy Zimpher, has resigned to take a position in New York. I have several reasons for saying good riddance to this.

She did not lift a finger to stop University Hospital from performing abortions. There is only one other hospital in the Cincinnati area that does.

She has continued to follow a policy of gouging taxpayers with all the wasteful government grants that U.C. gets. These are both unconstitutional (10th amendment) and unnecessary. They’re unnecessary because corporations would provide adequate grants to do the research that is really valuable. But the way it is now, the corporations “piggy back” on taxpayer’s funded grants so that they don’t have to spend as much of their own money. If you don’t want your money going to pay for experiments that you find morally reprehensible, you can boycott the corporations which perform them by not buying their products. But you can’t boycott the tax man without leaving the country or going to jail.

Zimpher did nothing to stop the medical school from teaching med students the “benefits” of teaching children the “safe” way to fornicate themselves. If fact, she approved a recent week long series of events sponsored by a sexual enhancement product company at the U.C. Wellness Center called “Sexploration”.

Unfortunately, one of the leading candidates to replace Zimpher can’t be much better. She uses U.C.’s email system (paid for by taxpayers) to send us (employees) messages to pass on to our legislators in support of the same wasteful and morally reprehensible policies. Examples include the messages in support of the recent economic stimulus bill (and adding more on to it) and messages against Ohio legislation to ban cloning and embryonic stem cell research. It’s not just that this U.C. employee is on the wrong side of these issues, but it is illegal and unfair to use taxpayer’s money to support a political cause. Hopefully someone else will step forward to reverse this increasing trend to wickedness.

And yes, we do need another POTUS as well. At least if we are going to remain a union of states. Barack Obama’s wasteful spending, his intentions to prevent murderers of the unborn from receiving justice, his continuance of the bloody wars and failure to reign in our overextended military are just a few of the reasons that it is imperative to remove B.O. from office.

We have talked several times on this blog about his lack of proper citizenship credentials calls into question the very legitimacy of his oath of office. Should we obey laws passed by Congress and signed into law by this usurper? Should the members of the military disobey orders given by B.O. as Commander and Chief? I’m curious about what the other contributors of this blog would have to say about this. If you were in the military now, would you disobey your commander’s orders if they originated with B.O.?


  1. Matt –

    Good post.

    You ask, “If you were in the military now, would you disobey your commander’s orders if they originated with B.O.?”

    I guess that would depend on what order the alleged President Barry Soetoro (a/k/a Barack Obama) would give. Clearly if he placed US military under the United Nations I think I would have to disobey that order and not swear my alligence to that worthless, corrupt organization. If any of the orders where clearly in violation of God’s laws I would also have to disobey those orders.

    If I was in a position today and considering to enter the military the current commander-in-chief would be the major reason for NOT joining the military. If I were in the military I would get out at the earliest possible time.

    If the orders were reasonable and consistent with God’s laws, consistent with the Constitution and the founding principles and values upon which America was founded I would follow those orders.

    The election of this possible usurper has put our nation and our nation’s security in jeopardy.

  2. Matt,

    I would add that if I were to be drafted under this president, I would not submit myself to the draft and would probably serve time in jail because of it.

  3. I would never submit to draft under ANY circumstances. Conscription is a form of compulsory service which is prohibited under 13th Amendment (unless you have commited a crime). I am hoping that someone will challenge the B.O. both on this basis and the basis that he is not really our President. Maybe that will give the courts reason enough to give "standing".