Saturday, February 28, 2009

Black Belt Patriotism, How to Reawaken America

Chuck Norris, martial arts expert, actor and patriot writes a book describing his philosophy of life, living and what for him and for America are the defining issues today. His life was affected by two major influences: (1) a Judeo-Christian belief system, which translate into practical actions and (2) conservative principles which compel activism.

Many know Chuck Norris as the movie and TV star. The TV series, Walker, Texas Ranger, for many years still plays regularly on TV in syndication. Norris currently writes a regular column for and other outlets. He spends a lot of his time raising and home-schooling his twin daughters.

One of his chief passions is for a program he has developed for at-risk Middle School kids, which he founded and calls KickStart. It combines instruction in the martial arts with basic character and life development. He spends a lot of his time in Texas involved in his program and hopes to take the program nationwide. Such a program is desperately needed.

You get a flavor of Norris' Black Belt Patriotism by reviewing the chapter titles of his book:

· 1 – One Nation, Divided, and Without a Clue
· 2 – Go Back to Go Forward
· 3 - Stop America’s Nightmare of Debt
· 4 – Secure and Protect our Borders
· 5 – From Here to Eternity
· 6 – Reclaim the Value of Human Life
· 7 – Call to the Millennials!
· 8 - Honor and Care for the Family
· 9 - Be Fit for the Fight
· 10 – Reawaken the American Dream

There are several very critical social and political issues covered in those ten chapters. Chapter 9 contains some very practical advice for maintaining one’s health. Norris shares some of his fitness and training ‘secrets.’

I enjoyed reading the book, which gives a glimpse into the life and beliefs of this celebrity and black belt patriot. At 69 years old his faith, his physical and spiritual fit lifestyle gives credence to his message. He surely is the kind of person kids and adults would do well to emulate, instead of some of the decadent rap music artists, sports, movie and TV stars which pollute the entertainment media today.

I recommend this book as an excellent read and as a basic reference book on key conservative and Judeo-Christian issues.

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