Sunday, February 15, 2009

Free Enterprise versus Slavish Socialism

Here is a comment made on an Internet forum yesterday to my remark that Republicans and America has veered away from fiscal conservative principles, which have resulted in our current economic situation. The current administration thinks that the government is the solution to our economic woes. However, it is less government, less government spending, less taxes, fewer regulations that are the real answers.


“The problem is that free enterprise does not work and never has. Unregulated enterprise results in monopoly dominated economies that create societies of a few very wealthy and a lot of very poor workers. Study history. We can argue about the level and extent of regulation but too little can be a real disaster, Like right now, and too much can be problem as well.” Comment made on's National and International Politics Forum


I absolutely disagree with you when you say that free enterprise does not work. It was free enterprise that built this nation. It is where entrepreneurs as allowed to operate with minimal government interference that new products and services are developed. It is where needs are met.

What is the alternative to free-enterprise, bird? Isn’t socialism, where the government controls all industry? Socialism stymies economic growth and development. Socialism has never worked. It enslaves. Capitalism has worked, it empowers. Capitalism creates jobs. Competition is good. The market works if not interfered with by government.

Extremist, idiotic environmental regulations prevent the development of natural resources and utilization of nuclear energy. This is foolish government interference. This is a part of our economic problem. We are forced to enrich oil rich dictatorships. We are at the mercy of the Middle East terrorist sponsors who use proceeds from oil sales to us to foment terrorism worldwide.

What President Soetoro (a/k/a Obama) seems to be moving this nation in the direction of a socialist, even Marxist state with government having control of banks, and key industries. Big government is obtrusive. This is diabolical. Big government, as President Reagan said, is THE problem, not the solution.

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