Thursday, March 18, 2010

B.J. Lawson for Congress

Below is an article written by B.J. Lawson, who is again running as a Republican candidate for Congress in North Carolina's 4th district. As one of the few pro-life, pro-peace, pro-constitution candidates, he has my full endorsement again this year.

I have a great deal of respect for people who have the courage to make informed decisions based upon constantly evaluating new information, especially when those decisions are made at great political risk.

Perhaps the most courageous example in recent history is North Carolina's 3rd District Representative Walter Jones. Rep. Jones attracted national attention by leading an effort to rename French fries as "freedom fries" in the House cafeteria, as a symbolic effort to criticize France for its refusal to support our 2003 Iraq invasion.

Representative Jones' district includes Camp Lejeune, and it has one of the largest military presences in the country. It was thus noteworthy when Rep. Jones reversed his support for the Iraq war and occupation in 2005, as further study through top-secret briefings and his presence on the House Armed Services Committee led him to the conclusion that we went into war based upon false pretenses.

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