Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daubenmire: ObamaCare will triple number of abortions

Pro-life advocate, patriot, and Christian minister Coach Dave Daubenmire’s latest newsletter opens with the following item:

New Health Care Bill Will Triple Abortions: Despite the objections of millions of Americans across this nation our elected officials ignored the will of the people and pushed through the greatest power grab in the history of America. Masquerading as a “health (care reform) bill” the legislation’s design was to gain greater control over the lives of individual citizens. It is our belief that if this legislation is permitted to stand it will be the ruin of our great free enterprise system. Although the entire bill is unconstitutional, the most egregious impact is that experts say it will TRIPLE the amount of abortions in America.”

By the way, Coach Dave is running in the Republican Primary for a seat in the U.S. Congress, in Ohio's 18th District. His websites are www.CoachDaveForCongress.com and www.PTSalt.com, which is his ministry site. Dave is in a very tough battle with 8 other candidates for the Republican nomination. It would be a real miracle if he won the primary. We’ll see how much of a real change the voters of District 18 want. The incumbent, Congressman Zach Space must be ousted despite the fact that he was the only Democrat in Ohio Congressional delegation who voted against ObamaCare. He still voted for Cap and Trade and other aspects of the Leftist Democratic agenda . . .

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