Thursday, March 11, 2010

Further Thoughts on God's Pie

I like this video. People are really living in their own world. If Christians would go on mission trips and help more in soup kitchens they might get some perspective.

But I would have to say that there is something definitely missing in the video. They should have a guy dressed up like Uncle Sam and give him about one-fourth of the pie, another guy dressed up in a suit with the words State of (and the name of a state) in front of him and also another guy with the name of a city, each getting about one-eighth of the pie. About half of our "pie" goes to pay taxes. Then you could have some guy dressed in a military uniform playing with toy tanks and planes crashing them together. The Uncle Sam guy should then give that guy about 60% of his piece. Then he would give most of the rest of his piece to the credit card guy (the interest we owe on the National Debt).

I hope that gives you a little better perspective on God's Pie.

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