Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A President Gone Wild



ObamaCare or Comprehensive HCR,

Amnesty or Comprehensive Immigration,

Cap and Trade (or Tax),

Comprehensive Sex Education,

Special Rights & Status for Homosexuals,

Appeasing America's Enemies,

Yielding America's Soveriegnty to the U.N., etc.

This President has a hellish RADICAL AntiAmerican AGENDA which he relishes and intends to embellish!

- - - gregjaye


  1. -- Question: Are these claims within the bounds of what we normally expect or are they extreme? Would the author normally apply the same standard to his own friends, relations or acquaintances, or is this demonization?

    -- Answer: These are pretty darn extreme claims. And as such, they make no sense: why would the President of the American nation be "anti-American"?! What possible motivation would such a person have? Why work hard for years in public office serving America only to mysteriously want to destroy it?

    We must assume that he doesn't normally apply this "anti-American" label to friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances or people other than the president -- that he is instead simply demonizing someone who happens to have a different political view than him. In other words, Greg is applying a totally different and much more extreme standard for judging Mr. Obama than he would apply to his own friends, family, acquaintances or neighbors.

    Either that, or he is pretending that any view that differs from his own in any way is by definition EVIL (see "hellish").

    Either way does not make for a very balanced, sane picture of the person doing the judging, does it?

    -- Question: How does Greg KNOW that President Obama has this "hellish" secret "RADICAL AntiAmerican AGENDA which he relishes and intends to imbellish"?

    -- Answer: Obviously, this is not a claim that a sane person would make without actual evidence. Either Gregjaye lives inside the brain of Barak Obama, and thus is privy to knowledge that NOBODY ELSE in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD knows and thus is a very, very special little person -- or he is simply making a crazy rant about stuff he logically could not possibly know.

    Which is it, Greg?

  2. I don't know about Greg, but I do apply the same standard to my friends and neighbors. A friend told me once that she believes in comprehensive sex education. She not my friend anymore!

    As far as the relishing and embellishing, all you have to do is listen to him speak and you can see that.

    As far as the secrecy, well, I don't know about that, I think Obama is more of a puppet than a mastermind. But the healthcare talks were secret after he promised that they wouldn't be and we have not increased transparency in government after all the campaign promises to do so.

    As far as "destroying" the country, certainly Mr. Obama has done much to destroy the foundations of freedom and liberty that this country was founded on, but he is only the latest in a long line tyrants to do so. Forcing us to buy healthcare and pay for abortions are just two examples of this.

  3. Matt, I appreciate your contribution. However, I'm afraid you don't really help make a case for Greg, especially when you say stuff like:

    "As far as the relishing and embellishing, all you have to do is listen to him speak and you can see that."

    Well, no. You seem to think that all you have to do is gesture a particular direction, and that is sufficient to pass as rational argumentation. But while it may be enough in certain quarters of the far right to say "all you have to do is listen to Obama to know he is evil," that certainly is NOT sufficient for any unbiased, rational, moderate adult.

    Such people require far more than mere gestures; rational people demand that you actually provide this thing we call EVIDENCE and connect that to your claims through a process called LOGICAL REASONING (e.g., syllogistic reasoning based in warrants). Precisely WHAT has Obama said that would represent realistic evidence that he would "relish" doing the demonic and anti-American things Greg claims are part of his secret evil agenda?

    (And is this really the way that rational people see the world -- seeing evil, hidden agendas behind everyone? And if not everyone, why only this one guy? Isn't it awfully convenient that somebody you don't happen to like personally is also pure evil?)

    Considering that this was my very point in the first place -- that Greg doesn't come close to objective, rational analysis but instead imposes his own demonizing bias pretty extremely -- your comment doesn't really help if it does the PRECISE SAME THING.

    And please forgive me if I sound harsh, but I guess as someone who is politically moderate, I really don't understand this need to demonize "the other side," no matter who the side may be. If you actually believe that "As far as the relishing and embellishing, all you have to do is listen to him speak and you can see that" amounts to actual argumentation, then that is very, very sad. It seems to me that it is precisely this sort of extremism, hyperbole, and partisanship -- which basically amounts to a refusal to think rationally -- that is now ruining our nation.