Sunday, March 07, 2010

How I Know Barack Hussein Obama is not a Christian, Part 10

This is the tenth in a series of articles offering evidence that our President is not a Christian, despite what he or anyone else might claim. .
President Obama and the Big Lie

Adolph Hitler wrote in his book, Mein Kampf (My Struggle), that if a person tells a lie that is so big people would think no one would have the audacity to tell such a lie and repeat it often enough people would believe it. Rush Limbaugh pointed this out on the radio a couple days ago, although I have heard it referred to elsewhere. One may wonder what big lies the president has been telling. I will discuss three examples of the bigger lies that the President has been perpetuating.


President Obama wants single payer health care for the citizens of the United States. He says government run health care will bring down the cost of health care, provide competition to the insurance companies, and provide services to everyone. The experience of those who have government run health care as in Canada, Great Britain, France, and others is that it leads to the rationing of care for most people, lack of care, increased costs, and a deterioration of the excellence of care with a withdrawal of research for finding new and improved methods of treating illnesses. Obama is clearly lying to the American people.


President Obama wants to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide and raise taxes from power plants, industry, and automobiles. This is to prevent the planet from warming due to heat reflected back to earth by a canopy of carbon dioxide surrounding the earth. Since carbon dioxide is heavier than air it will settle to the ground and not form a canopy around the earth. The so-called scientists who perpetuated this hoax of global warming by CO2 gas have even confessed to distorting the facts and leaving out relevant data and forcing the results desired. Still Obama insists this is good science and wants to increase taxes and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.


President Obama promised that if the Stimulus Package passed in Congress the jobless rate wouldn’t exceed 8%. The Stimulus Bill was passed and the jobless rate is close to 17% if you consider all those without a job. Officially, they say 10%, but they don’t count the people who haven’t found work for a while and have dropped out of the system.

In the meantime, Obama spends money we don’t have and creates no new long-term permanent jobs. His policies are working to destroy the country. Persons in the government have told Rush Limbaugh that they are "managing over the decline of the United States of America."


President Obama shows a total disregard for the truth with no knowledge or understanding of God or His word (The Holy Bible) and is, therefore, not concerned about the salvation of any people’s lives contrary to God’s word.

If you want to do God’s will by acting according to God’s word, but have not personally been born-again or made a commitment to the God of the Judeo-Christian Bible, then you must begin by repenting of your sins and inviting Jesus into your heart. This brings salvation from the consequences of your sins (Luke 24:46-48). When Jesus comes into your heart, you are saved, forgiven, made a new creature by the Holy Spirit, given eternal life and that makes you a Christian (Revelation 3:20; II Corinthians 5:17; I John 5:10-12; Romans 8:9).

A sample prayer to bring about this new life is: “Lord Jesus Christ come into my heart and forgive me of my sins.” The alternative is to perish, which is to be tormented endlessly by fire.

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