Monday, March 22, 2010

The Night America Died: ObamaCare is Law

Rock Moment: The Day the Music Died
. Barack's Moment: The Night America Died!

The Democratic leadership used dirty tricks to get ObamaCare rammed through Congress. Deemed and Passed? No, Doomed and Flunked!

Bart Stupak caved. Now babies will suffer and be exterminated on the taxpayer dollar. A pro-death President's paper Executive Order is as worthless as a $3 bill. He would not protect babies born in botched abortions, while a State Senator in Illinois. Do you expect him to do anything to stop abortion funding?

Death panels will be implemented. Lives, both the youngest and the oldest among us, will be lost.

The bottom line is that America will be further mired in debt and moves full bore toward bankruptcy, fiscal and moral. Jobs will be lost.

I am reminded of a quote by the President's wife, Michelle, which I amend, unlike what the House did by deeming the Senate HCR bill as having passed. For the first time in my life I AM ashamed of my country.


  1. Anonymous12:19 PM

    we're americans, we disagree with you, and our vote counted. stop whining and acting so victimized, you little baby.

  2. I think you're right Greg: it's the frickin' apocalypse!!!!

    Buildings are falling, people are running around in violent mobs, there is famine, plague and death everywhere -- and all because we wanted to make sure everyone could have health care!

    How could we have been so foolish?!

    Gee, Greg -- have you not figured out by now that this extreme hyperbole and inflated language doesn't make you more persuasive but less? Rational, moderate adults simply don't speak this way -- haven't you noticed?

    In fact, you wouldn't ever hire somebody to work where you did if he -- like you -- turned everything he personally didn't happen to like into apocalypse. "Oh my God! They changed the design of Form 233B45T67J! Now we are all doomed! This is the night that our company dies!!!!!!!"

    You would regard such a person as a loony, would you not? Then why exempt yourself from this rule of adult behavior? Why does everything for you have to be so extreme and hysterical? Why is it you can never refer to actual situations, but must instead inflate them pompously (and erroneously) into absolute all-or-nothing ("the night America died"!) scenarios.

    Are you even capable of simply discussing things as they actually are?