Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ObamaCare: Fibs by Libs

Fibs or Facts?

I previously posted a notice on Tuesday that the President would be on Fox News this evening. I found the two videos below on the website. I transcribed some of the President’s remarks during the interview by Bret Baier. This interview is one of the rare times when the President did not face a softball so-called journalist since the election. He is only a fair liar.

I identify the President’s quotes or comments as FIBs, for that is what they are primarily. Subsequently I follow each FIB with a FACT or truth about the particular FIB. This bill in a word is atrocious. It will kill the healthcare industry along with the economy. It is a disaster waiting to get voted on. It could deliver a fatal stab to the greatest nation in history.

FIB: “(My version of Health Care Reform or HCR) will “reduce the deficit by 1 trillion dollars.”
FACT: HCR will increase the deficit by trillions of dollars. What government program cost do you know that ever came as planned? None. Zero. Nada. In fact, it will ruin the economy further by ratcheting up the deficit.

FIB: (In regard to the special earmark provisions currently in the Senate bill) The final provisions will be posted (on the Internet?) for many days before this thing passes.”
FACT: The vote appears to be no later than Saturday. ‘Many days,’ I am afraid, have already passed!

FIB: “When you talk about 1/6 of the economy, this (health care) is 1/6 for the economy. Right now is a HUGE DRAG on the economy.”
FACT: No, Mr. President, healthcare is not a drag, but the your so-called solution would place a major damper the economy, It would be an economy killer!

FIB: “Now we can fix this (special earmarks for states like Connecticut's’s $100 million Hospital or Montana’s asbestos special earmark) in a way that is sensible, that is centrist.”
FACT: This President’s iteration of healthcare reform is very, very radical. It is the first step toward a one-payer government controlled system.

FIB: “I have rejected a WHOLE BUNCH of provisions that the Left want put in. They are very adamant about, because I thought it would be too disruptive to the system.”
FACT: First, you, Mr. President, are the Left and what you have not rejected is very radical such as MASSIVE FUNDING FOR ABORTION. The House rejected abortion funding as a prerequisite for passage, yet the Senate and you, Mr. Ultra Liberal Socialist Marxist, conveniently kept this very controversial Leftist cornerstone in your version of HCR . . . Both the Senate version and your version give great power to the Secretary of Health and Human Services to mandate coverage and to approved what procedures are paid and who will get those benefits. Medicare will be reduced by ½ billion dollars. This will literally break the backs of the elderly and disabled.

FIB: “The ideas embodied in this (HCR) legislation are not on the Left, not on the Right …”
FACT: The ideas are socialist ideas right out of the Stalin, Marx, and Mao playbook. They are communistic, Marxist, big-government, socialist Utopian ideas.

FIB: By the time the vote has taken place … it will have been posted ... everyone will be able to evaluate it on the merits.”
FACT: Will 12 hours prior to the vote be ample time to evaluate the merits? I don’t think so! That is probably what we are looking at based on past practice in the Senate …

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  1. Obama did reject (or concede the loss of) many of the things which made HR 3500 worse than the current bill, but this was obviously just a "bait and switch". Its not really about Communism or Socialism, but payback to the big pharma and big healthcare for their large contributions to the Obama campaign. And that includes Planned Parenthood.