Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Taken (2008)


Liam Neeson stars in this thriller about a former spy whose daughter is kidnapped in Paris and is sold into the sex trade industry. The movie has a lot of violence, but also portrays this most loathsome activity, the trading, the buying and selling, of human beings. Most people are not aware of this evil activity going on both here and abroad. Young women and men are swiped off the street, drugged and forced into prostitution.

The story involves a divorced ex-spy, Bryan Mills, played by Neeson, his ex-wife, Lenore, and their daughter, Kim. Kim is captured by a gang of Albanians operating in Paris. The Albanians symbolized much of what is going on in Europe in terms of violence and Islamic terrorism. Much of the story centers on Bryan’s attempt to rescue his daughter. He has to use all his skills as spy to find his daughter.

There is a lot of explosive action, gun fights, and chase scenes. Throughout the movie Bryan is driven by his attempt to reconcile with his daughter, who he barely knows because his life had been consumed as he worked as a “preventer.” His former job was preventing bad things from happening. Above all the movie depicts a father’s intense love for his child.

He shows great strength and determination in his pursuit of justice, finding his daughter. A lot of people pay the penalty along the way. All of those paying the penalty are the bad guys.


I would give this movie **** out of *****. It is a faced-paced thriller. On a political and international level, the movie provides a glimpse at the growing evil epidemic of human trafficking and gang activity. These thugs are related to Islamic terrorists in Europe and around the world in the menace and mayhem, that are and that they cause.

On a personal level, it depicts a father intensely sincere attempt to reconcile with an estranged daughter. It shows what happens when a person lets his job dominate his personal life. There are costs associated with making family a secondary priority. The movie tells a story on a number of different levels. It is meaningful and entertaining. I would recommend renting or purchasing this movie. The acting is great.


The movie is a parable of America under President Barry Soetoro alias Barack Obama and the radical Democratic leadership in Congress. The daughter in the movie symbolizes the U.S. Constitution and the founding Christian principles on which this nation was founded.

The Albanian slave traders in the movie symbolize those who want to destroy this nation. They are the domestic and foreign terrorists. The domestic terrorists are the President and the Congressional majority members who desire to usurp the freedoms of the people of America. They essentially are kidnapping and stealing our God-given rights. They want to construct a socialist utopia.

There hero of in the movie, Bryan Mills, who does everything to secure his daughter, is the Tea Party Participant. The Tea Party Participant is the average American disgusted with the out-of-control growth in the size and spending appetite of the central government. The Tea Party Participant attends and protests at a myriad of Tea Parties across the country, attends Town Hall Meetings, Meet the Candidate Nights, Political Debates, contacts his or her representatives trying to get back the Constitution and the rights and freedoms for which the founders fought. The Tea Party Participant, the average, engaged and outraged American is fighting to get back his country.

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