Sunday, April 11, 2010

2nd Annual Tea Party Protests, April 15, 2010!

It began a year ago with a TV commentator, Rick Santelli, who suggested the need for a new Tea Party protest in response to the debt expanding, erratic spending policies of the new administration that came into power in late January 2009. The Tea Party Movement has grown and has gained momentum. It now stands as a formidable challenge to Leftist government now in power. That government has begun to attack the movement as a bunch of racists, Tim McVea want-to-bes, homophobes, morons . . . We have their attention. Their tactic is to attack any and all opposition. We are opposition to all that the socialist Left wants to do in carrying out their radical agenda.

This is the year that more and more Americans must find a tea party near them and join the protest on Thursday, April 15th and participate. The protest needs to continue to grow and culminate in the biggest Tea Party protest of all - the 2010 and 2012 elections where those who voted for the Bailouts, the Stimulus package, health care 'reform,' cap and trade must be purged from their entrenched positions in Washington, D.C. Conservatives must take this place and undo the damage done by the last two Presidents and the last two Congresses!

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