Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ohio Sovereignty Amendment

This is big!!!

Unlike the Ohio Sovereignty Resolution, which passed the Ohio Senate and is now stalled in the House, the Ohio Sovereignty Amendment has got teeth to it! But volunteers are desperately needed to get signatures to have it put on the November ballot! Download the petition packet here and get signatures at the polls on Tuesday!

Here is the URL for the ballot language:

Here is the latest news about this proposed amendment:

We will hear the results from the Ohio Attorney General by May 3rd. You can view the entire submittal on the Attorney General’s website at

Remember, on May 2nd we will be having our PCCOH Leadership and Volunteer Training Seminar in Mansfield, Ohio from 1 until 5 PM. Please plan to attend, especially if you are new with PCCOH.

Together, we will protect freedom for all Ohioans and make sure that government does, indeed, adhere to the Constitution.

Thank you,

Michael – Committee Member, PCCOH

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