Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tea Party Rap

Hat tip goes to ResistNet.com, which posted this inspiring rap music video for the national Tea Party Express III tour.

David Saucedo is POLATIK, a 26 year old Texan who has gone from convict to community leader in three short years. An inspiring American story, David's troubled childhood and prison sentence have taught him the hard life lessons that today make him a respected husband, father, teacher, mentor and rapper.

Here is just a portion of the lyrics of his rap song from the YouTube video ...

“They call us extreme
They call us an angry mob
I don’t think they truly understand who we really are …

Fiscally responsible, that’s the Tea Party
Promotes free market, yes, that’s the Tea Party
Limited government, the only solution
Our only foundation should be our constitution …

“Politicians and their lies, Washington is blemished
Career politicians, careers will be finished
We’re voting for our freedoms in 2010
Trust me, we’re bootin’ Repubs and the Dems …

“So what’s the Tea Party?
That’s a good question …
We are the people, American blood
We won’t let our names be dragged through the mud
We fly the flag high, let not the Movement die
We won’t go away, we won’t be shy …”

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