Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Graham to Napolitano: Are our southern borders secure?

First of all I do not agree with Senator Lindsey Graham on many issues. He is a RINO and progressive right Republican. Like fellow RINO John McCain, he has been wrong on many issues, including amnesty. One popular talk show host even refers to Graham as Lindsey Grahamnesty. But the other day he made a few good points concerning the need to secure our borders. He said if Comprehensive Immigration ‘Reform’ (CIR-cus) is brought up in Congress without first securing our borders, it will be defeated.

The video below is a 10 minute questioning of Napolitano by Graham during a Senate committee session dealing with the issue of illegal aliens.. The video below is telling as far as how deceitful and dishonest the Administration is regarding the matter of border security. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano could not or would not answer the simple question asked of her by Graham.

That question at the 6:00 minute mark in the video was, “Do you think it (our southern border) is secure?” Graham again asked Napolitano at the 7:35 minute mark, “Would you certify that the Arizona border is secure?” Can you believe she answered with a “beyond-my-pay-grade” type of response, claiming among other things, that the question was ‘unfair.’ What is unfair is the tragic lack of secure borders and the lack of enforcement of our federal laws by the both the Bush and the Soetoro/Obama administrations?

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