Monday, April 26, 2010

Is our President racist?


· Is our President racist?

· Is our President again playing the race card in immigration ‘reform’ (amnesty)?

· Will our President’s legacy be that he was the “Great Divider”?

Yes, yes, and yes to the above questions. Twenty years in Jeremiah Wrights' racist black liberation congregation is telling. his morning driving between jobs I listened to a few minutes of the Frank Beckman Radio Show on Detroit’s WJR radio station. The caller was a Mexican-American, who originally came to the U.S. on a student visa, he met a beautiful American woman in college, married her and returned to Mexico to get the proper paperwork to obtain a green card. He did it the right way. He did it the legal way. Did he object to what was being done in Arizona to crack down on illegal aliens? No way, he supports the effort in Arizona.


Instead on praising Arizona for showing courage to dare to enforce the immigration laws that the Federal Government under Bush and the current occupier of the White House did not or are still not doing, they do the opposite. To make matters worse, the Soetoro/Obama administration condemns Arizona for passing legislation declaring illegal immigration, just that – illegal immigration. That is indeed shameful.

It’s a tiresome truism to have to continually repeat. We must first secure our borders, and then we must begin to enforce the laws like Arizona is courageously doing, and simultaneously we must crack down on the employers who along with our government flaunt the law! Why are we resisting the obvious? Are we doing it for the hope of building or expanding a political party’s power base?


Not only are our President/s agenda items radical. He uses race to bait and bolster his political position and power. In a video, of which I heard later today, he speaks to his backers asking them to ignite their interest in the Fall election. He urges blacks, Hispanics, women and young people to do it again and to help preserve the “gains” the progressives have made under his enlightened regime’s reign. It certainly seems to me that the President is very divisive. It also seems to me that he is being pretty polarizing.

Like his fellow comrades in harm, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, he has made a career of using race to accomplish his evil aims. He is such a racist that he even supports the continued genocide of black babies in America via abortions. More black babies are massacred daily than another population group as much greater rates. The President adamantly supports even the funding and proliferation of eugenicist founded Planned Parenthood organization, the greatest slaughter house in America.

The President and his fellow Leftist elites in the media, Hollywood, academia and elsewhere are quick to condemn the mostly invented ‘violence’ of Tea Party protesters, but utter nary a word about the violence perpetrated by the supporters of the illegal immigrant demonstrators in Phoenix, several of whom threw water bottles at the police. What a double standard that exists today …

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