Monday, April 05, 2010

Is Michelle a Birther?

The President, Michelle & Kenya

Hat tip goes to K.C., who provided a link to the video below. Michelle admits (at the approximate 00:50 in the video) that her hubby’s home country is Kenya. Also, praises sexual perverse behavior embodied in the homosexual lifestyle.

In part Mrs. Soetoro/Obama says, “He (Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama) also has spoken out against the stigma surrounding HIV testing, which is still plaguing so may in our community (Homosexual community, apparently), which you (homosexuals, lesbians, transgendered, et al) all know IS DUE TO HOMOPHOBIA . . .

She continues this not-so shocking revelation, “When we took our trip to Africa and visited HIS HOME COUNTRY IN KENYA we took a public HIV test for the very point of showing folks in Kenya that there is nothing to be embarrassed about (applause) in getting tested, and we did it as a couple (more applause).”

Yes, Mrs. Soetoro/Obama you seem to support your husband’s grandmother, who said she saw him born in Kenya. Are you one of those birthers, Mrs. Soetoro/Obama?

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