Friday, April 09, 2010

The "new" Crash Dummies?

Hat tip goes to Sean Hannity, who on his radio show today alerted Tea Party Participants nationwide of an effort underway to subvert, to disrupt Tax Day (April 15th) Tea Parties. Across America a growing number of Tea Party protests will be held next week. The goal is to paint the Tea Party Participant, really the Mr. & Mrs. Average American as fanatics, terrorists, homophobes, racists, etc. Know this, this is an organized effort made by left-wing radicals, who follow in the Saul Alinsky-Bill Ayers-Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama model of community organization, agitation, and left-wing activism. They will do anything and everything they can to tarnish and cast aspersions on this up-and coming, up-to-now peaceful, non-racist, non-violent and very effective grassroots Tea Party Movement.

Listen to what they unabashedly proclaim on their website:

“WHAT WE WANT: To dismantle and demolish the Tea Party by any non-violent means necessary.

“HOW WE WILL SUCCEED: By infiltrating the Tea Party itself! In an effort to propagate their pre-existing propensity for paranoia and suspicion …

“Whenever possible, we will act on behalf of the Tea Party [ i.e. misrepresent - my comment ] in ways which exaggerate their least appealing qualities (misspelled protest signs, wild claims in TV interviews, etc.) to further distance them from mainstream America and damage the public’s opinion of them …”

In the same way that the Left fears a George Allen, a Mike Huckabee, a Ron Paul, a Sarah Palin or a Marco Rubio or any real Conservative, they use all means and media to mock, to smear, to ridicule, to demean, to destroy their opposition, anyone or anything that stands in their way of their loathsome agenda. That agenda includes, but is not limited to, the expansion of socialistic big government and welfare state, increasing access and promotion of abortion and euthanasia (healthcare rationing), inculcating the perverse homosexual and other deviant behaviors into mainstream America, promoting by means of legislation and/or regulation, ramming through Amnesty for illegal aliens in the same way they did healthcare 'reform,' perpetuating the capitalist-killing discredited Global Warming Hoax, and silencing the voice of Christians and Conservatives in the media (the ‘Fairness’ Doctrine) and in the American culture.

The intentions of these instigators and rabble rousers are identified on a newly spawned website, initiated just this past April 3rd. There they post there vitriol openly. These counter-Tea Party bands of mischievous mayhem-makers are merely following the lead of Democratic politicians, the government-run media, Hollywood and academic elites. These subversives have stepped up the effort to ruin, to discredit the grassroots movement of average Americans, who are fed up with the current regimes accelerated move toward socialism and the nationalization of industries.

The typical Tea Party Participant, the average American, is frankly sick and tired of the burgeoning bureaucracy spending money it does not have on things that are not needed. Enough is enough say the typical enlightened and objective American, Democrat, Republican or Independent! Thank you Sean for exposing this dastardly, last ditch effort to sway the nation’s opinion of this most patriotic and spontaneous of movements – the Tea Parties!

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