Monday, December 22, 2008

2008 Most Scandalous Politician of the Year has an interesting question for thought and discussion this month, which they posed.

Most Scandalous Politicians of 2008 – Who deserves the title?

The candidates for that dishonor would include:

Scandal scarred Mark Foley (R) who resigned or his dubious replacement Tim Mahoney (D), who paid off his mistress with $121,000? This Republican, Foley, did the right thing and resigned. However, Democrat Mahoney refused to resign and had to be fired by the electorate in November.

A pair of turtle doves, Democratic Attorney Generals Eliot Spitzer of New York and Marc Dann of Oho, qualify, as do Republican Senators Ted “Bridge to Nowhere” Stevens and Larry “Bathroom Stall” Craig.

Democrat William “Cold Cash” Jefferson like Rep. Mahoney (D) had to be fired this fall by the people of Louisiana is in the running.

Democratic Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich mixed up in cesspool Chicago politics for virtually trying to sell Obama’s Senate Seat on eBay.

President George W. Bush (R) for his continual refusal to protect the Borders; for his planning and pushing for a North American Union; for his refusal to pardon Border Agents Campeon and Ramos while pardoning real criminals; for his support of the bailouts of banks, insurance companies and auto companies when there is no money to do that; for his continued spending like a liberal Democrat; for calling Islam a religion of peace; and for spending money fighting AIDS in Africa, again with money we don’t have; for doing very little about abortion during his entire presidency; and for making government bigger instead of smaller.

Before Barack Obama did anything Time magazine has named him man of the
year. He won an election. But what has this man ever done? He organized neighborhood using Marxist agitator Saul Alinsky tactics. He voted "present" instead of yes or no while in the Illinois Senate. He spent most of his time as US Senator campaigning to be president. He shares that Time magazine Man (I don't care if that is not the PC term!) of the Year 'honor' with another man who won that same distinction in 1938 and who turned out to be one of the greatest tyrants in history, Adolf Hitler.

President-elect and -elite Barack Hussein Obama for being less than forthright about his citizenship – working with the mainstream media and the Democratic Party hoping that the American people will overlook the fact that he may have been born in Kenya and is a potential usurper to the throne; for reneging on his agreement with John McCain to only use public campaign financing, then changing his mind when the cash began to flow; for his claim that it was
above his pay grade to say when a person becamee a human being; for his ongoing radical pro-death stance – a man who never met an abortion procedure he did not agree with including infanticide if that procedure would at all threaten the sacred right of a woman to kill her baby; for promising change and hope, but appointing tainted Chicago politicians and former “experienced” Clintonistas to his Cabinet and key positions in his administration; for his myriad of past questionable associates and associations (Ayers, Dohrn, Rezko, Khalidi, Wright, etc.); and for promising homosexuals that he would do all in his power to overturn DOMA, yet claiming to be against same-sex marriage.

Without the rabid unflinching worshipful assistance of (1) the mainstream media and (2) with legal and illegal help of ACORN, which he denied any association and (3) with the obscene amounts of money coming from unknown foreign and domestic sources he would never have been elected. Obama essentially bought the election. Coupled with the assistance he received in the election, this man lacks any executive experience, he lacks the moral character and integrity, and holds to the most base liberal, even Marxist philosophy. He is my pick for the most scandalous politician of 2008.

America would be much better off if Obama was required to produce evidence before January 20th, that he is, in fact, a natural born citizen. I do not believe that he can and this is the biggest scandal of 2008 – the ascendancy of an illegal alien to the presidency.

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