Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is the NAE Becoming Like the NEA? Part 4

I began a series of articles this past Sunday. The series is based primarily on the God-insulting, impertinent, insolent responses of Rev. Richard Cizik, the VP of Governmental Affairs with the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), in an interview he gave to the NPR radio show (Fresh Air) hostess Terri Gross. Today’s post contains more excerpts from the NPR Fresh Air interview of the so-called Rev. Richard Cizik. This article will explore some of the thoughts of Rev. Cizik on the future of the evangelical movement, Sarah Palin and I will offer a few more comments as to what I heard Cizik say.


The laid back erudite Terri Gross, the hostess of the NPR radio show, Fresh Air, began her December 2, 2008 show with these words, “The evangelical base was pivotal in the election and reelection of George W. Bush. But it wasn’t enough to get a McCain Palin victory. So in this post election period, what influence does the evangelical community have in the Republican Party? In other words, what will its goals be during the Obama administration?”

Gross inquired of Cizik, “Do you think that the evangelical base has lost any clout within the Republican Party because the Republicans lost the Presidential election?”

Cizik's answer was unequivocal, "Oh, it is inescapable, that loss of clout. You hear it in the Party’s leaders who are questioning this. They know, that is the leaders of the GOP, that they cannot win without these votes, but they can’t win the rest of the voters they need at times because of the way evangelicals have behaved within the political parties.”

Gross anxiously asked, “What do you mean by that?”

Cizik boldly declared, “Well, I remember Dick Armey once referred to one of our leaders as a bully and a thug, well those are harsh words. But that was a leader Republican Party referred to as to how he was getting pressure. Well, the tactics that have been employed have altogether backfired, it seems to me. Everyone knows that. And so, look, you have to have vision. And you have to have a strategy, a strategy that works. And if your strategy is not working then rethink it. And so to make its way forward the Republican Party is going to have to, I think, come up with a vision that appeals to people. A strategy that, in fact, works, and its adherence to those who claim it as their own, have to employee tactics that don’t destroy it in the meanwhile."


Gross mockingly theorized, “I’m imaging you didn’t agree with Sarah Palin on environmental issues, for example, her emphasis on “drill, baby, drill.” And also the fact that she wasn’t sure if human behavior contributed to climate change. Now, climate change and the environment issues you are trying to put much more toward the top of the evangelical agenda.”

Cizik, treasonous to the cause of Christ and to conservatism, replies, “I could not have disagreed with her more. Just a year ago, we found out from climate scientists that the melt in the Arctic had turned into a rout. It was happening so fast that it was like your hair turning gray overnight . . . Well, that is what happened to the environment, an area the size of Colorado disappearing every week. And the Northwest Passage was staying open all September for the first time in history. To look at this and not see what is happening, I think is, well it is sort of ignorance is strength idea. Well, NOT. (laughing) It is not strength. Look, strength is knowing what is happening to the world around us. And moreover, as a Christian we can’t claim to love the Creator and abuse the world in which we live. To do so is like claiming to be a fan of Shakespeare and then burn his plays."

GROSS: “Is there a big debate in evangelical circles now about what the future of Sarah Palin should be in the Republican Party? Whether she is the future or whether she is a problem?”

CIZIK: “Oh I think there is a certain amount of that debate going on, but I think people are sort of content to let Alaskans decide that before she becomes a national candidate, and she has to run for re-election, right?

Gross leading, even longingly asks, “So you are thinking that Alaskans will vote her out of Office and thus ending her political career?

Cizik responded, “Maybe, I don’t know. I don’t think that you can humbly walk into the future and not understand that we don’t know all the answers. And if you don’t have a little bit of self-awareness about that, well I don’t think you can embody the Christian values as humility and justice and walking humbly with your Lord. There was something missing there, that I just didn’t see and you are sensing it here. In other words, a certain humility about her that’s all. (Gross uh ha) I like that, I like, look forward in seeing that demonstrated in Barack Obama policies."

Cizik continued, “The younger evangelicals have a different attitude, in fact, even toward the use of the military. I happen to be among (nearly giggling) these evangelical young people, even though, by age, I might be qualified, right? And the idea that, well you can have sort of an anti-science, anti-intellectual and walk into the world with a stick and hope to be able to win these wars, you can’t win these kinds of wars we are fighting with a big stick, we know that.”


In discussing the loss of clout among evangelicals, Cizik deliberately failed to mention the fact that conservatives and Christian where provided by the GOP a less than satisfactory top-of-the-ticket candidate. He was a candidate favored and acclaimed in the primaries over the somewhat pro-life Huckabee, for example. Actually until Sarah Palin breathed life into the GOP campaign it was floundering, dead. I for one, even with Palin on the ticket would not vote for the compromiser, the RINO McCain. I voted for someone other than the two major party candidates. So I believe many Christians and conservatives sat out the election rather than endorse the past liberal schizophrenic gyrations of moderate-to-liberal McCain.

Speaking of suspicious and virulent tactics, I would like to ask Cizik about the tactics used by his friends on the left like the homosexual activists, the environmental activists who use violence, slander, intimidation in pursuing their political goals. He does not mention or condemn them. Or what about the Obama campaign and Democrats using ACORN to check in registering voters illegal?

Cizik strikes me as caring more about the future of the earth than he is about the future of America as a Democratic Republic or of the Judeo-Christian value system. And this man represents evangelicals in the halls of congress? What a waste of Christian resources. He should be supporting the causes promoting pro-life and pro-marriage issues rather than the heavily Marxist influenced extreme environmentalism that he seems so passionate about and which he articulate so well and convincingly. Cizik may be an effective spokesman for Green Peace or Save the Whales than he is supposedly representing the name of the Savior of the World, at that he is failing miserably if this interview is any indication as to how he goes about his job.

I detect a shared and fundamental loathing of Sarah Palin and all she represents, both conservatively and as a true Christian in values and principles, by both the liberal journalist Gross her apostate false Christian bedfellow Cizik. Cizik so much as called Governor Palin ignorant, unjust, and proud. To me those adjectives befit Barack Obama more than they do Palin.

Conversely, from what I gather from Cizik’s words throughout the interview, he has more in common and that pro-death, pro-homosexual, pro-global warming, tree hugging believer in black liberation theology Obama than he does with Palin. This to me is a strong indication that Cizik is an impostor, an interloper, a false-prophet and a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I detested Palin’s running mate, John McCain, but saw Palin as an otherwise ray of sunshine among the darkness exuded by McCain, Biden and Obama. Furthermore, her executive experience in running a business, a town and a state exceeded that of the three men in the race, combined. Actually the only thing Mr. Obama ran successfully his whole life was his mouth.


  1. I like him, and liked what he had to say. McCain is hardly a moderate, let alone a liberal. That you suggest he is probably results from the fact you are VERY far to the right.

    I think the problem with the evangelicals, today, imho, is that many remain too focused on issues of abortion, stem cells etc. and not enough on other issues. It seems to me that most who are politically savvy have concluded that the abortion issue is NOT going to be won and the next best thing is to try to help provide social and economic help so more mothers choose to have their children regardless of whether they choose to keep them.

    As for Obama being a Marxist? Well, this is a ridiculous and unsupported claim. In fact, it is this kind of writing that pushes independents AWAY from even WANTING to be associated with the GOP assuming that it includes this kind of evangelical nosh.

    I don't mean this--any of it--as a personal criticism of you, the human being. You can believe whatever you choose, obviously. But this kind of rhetoric really doesn't help your cause with those not on the same page as you.

  2. Carry -

    Thanks for your comment.

    No, Carry, I am a conservative and John McCain is not. He sides with the Democrats, the radical leftists like Kennedy, Schumer, Boxer and Obama more than he does with the Conservative members of the Senate. He was wrong on Amnesty, Campaign financing, No Child Left Behind, etc . . .

    The moral issues of LIFE and marriage protection ARE fundamental to our society. As we lose respect for life and obliterate the meaning of marriage we compromise our values and principles on which this once great nation was built. We spit in the face of our ancestors, those who build a God-honoring nation.

    ABORTION - the killing of innocent children - is NOT a political issue, it is a moral issue. To have a so-called representative of the "evangelical movement" be so caviler about this issue is very troublesome and actually hurtful. He insults Christianity.

    Obama IS a Marxist. He had numerous associations and relationships in the past (which the media refused to address before the election, but now are discussing.) His close relationships included Frank Marshall Davis a known communist in Hawaii, a family friend and early mentor of Obama. In college (where he will not allow us to see anything - those records are sealed) it was suspected he hung out with and associated with radical leftist professors who also influenced him greatly.

    Saul Alinsky, a Marxist community rabble-rouser, was admired by Obama, who followed in his footsteps in his community organizing work in Chicago.

    Associates of the Obamas – Michelle and Barack - Ayers and Dohrn both extreme and violent anti-American domestic terrorists are a part of their past.

    For twenty years the Obamas spent under the tutelage of black liberation theologian and mentor the hate-filled Jeremiah Wright.

    Obama will prove that he is a Marxist by all the big-government, anti-capitalistic, anti-free market, anti-life, pro-homosexual policies he will try to ram down the throats of Americans . . .